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France star Jean-Pierre Adams, one of the stars of the football world and a player for the Paris Saint-Germain club, did not know that a medical error would miss him for decades during a minor surgery in the eighties of the last century.

Jean-Pierre Adams and medical error

And the story of former French football star Jean-Pierre Adams began when he decided to perform a routine surgery on one of the damaged tendons inside his knee, when he was at the top of the football tender.

He entered the hospital to perform this operation on the 17th of March 1982 AD, to perform this operation and the workers inside the hospital were on strike, while there were a few doctors who were working in the hospital at the time.

This operation was not dangerous for the French star Adams or even an emergency, and it could be postponed, so the doctors working inside the hospital decided to perform the operation for the player.

During the procedure, the medical error occurred, which caused the player to suffer a stroke, as a result of which he fell into a coma from that date until his death was announced on Monday.

Jean-Pierre Adams and his football career

The life of the French star, Adams, of African origin, born in Senegal and with black skin, began his life with the world of round football as a defender with the French team Fontenello, where he helped lead the team to win the amateur championship before moving to Nimes to sign with a team that plays in the first division.

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In two years, the French Adams succeeded in bringing his team to the rank of the French League for the Premier League at the time, and subsequently joined his country’s national team and was the owner of the footprint in breaking the racial discrimination between black and white Prime Time Zone.

The Frenchman Adams played nearly 9 consecutive seasons in the French first division, moving between different clubs, most notably Nice and Paris Saint-Germain, while he participated with his country, France, in 22 international matches.

Wife’s death

The French star Adams’ entry into a coma that lasted for decades had no effect on his wife, Renadette, who has not left him since that incident, as she took care of their home throughout his coma without getting bored, despite knowing that her husband’s return to life again is almost impossible.

His wife rejected the doctors’ suggestions who suggested that the French star “Adams” be euthanized, and then decided to move him home after the hospital refused to continue inside her because of the futility of his difficult condition, and he remained in his wife’s care for 39 years while he was on the special oxygen devices that I brought him.

It is noteworthy that in the mid-nineties of the last century, a French court sentenced the doctor and his assistant to a one-month suspended sentence and a fine of $815 for committing a medical error.

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