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The pioneers of social networking sites circulated a video clip showing the director of a Tunisian hospital crying in fear for the lives of dozens of Prime Time Zone infected with the Corona virus, as the oxygen stocks approached.

The video, according to what was monitored by Watan, shows Habib Wesham, director of the local “Mater” hospital in the northern governorate of Bizerte, and says while crying that he is unable to save the lives of 40 wounded; Due to the approaching depletion of oxygen stores.

Oxygen depletion

Wesham issued a distress call to the need to provide oxygen cylinders in a timely manner. To rescue those who suffer from breathing difficulties.

A state of sadness dominated the pioneers of social networking sites after the video clip was circulated, as activists expressed their deep sadness at the deteriorating situation in Tunisia due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.

bad poses

For his part, Ali Al-Tayashi, a parliamentary deputy from the Free Constitutional Party, told Anadolu Agency, “The situation in the local hospital (in Mater) is getting worse day by day, with a shortage of medical and paramedical staff.”

Al-Tayashi added that “the hospital director’s call was caused by fear for the lives of patients in light of the lack of medical oxygen stocks.”

He pointed out that “the responsibility rests with the Ministry of Health, which must act and provide health care requirements for the area’s residents (about 70,000 Prime Time Zone).”

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Al-Tayashi also explained that “the shortage includes equipment, beds, oxygen bottles, and a resuscitation department.”

intense contacts اتصالات

In turn, Ibtihaj Ben Hilal, a parliamentary deputy from the “Heart of Tunisia” party, said that “the situation has deteriorated in the hospital, the health department in the region and the governor (the governor) are in intensive contacts with the Ministry of Health to move and find urgent solutions.”

The deputy pointed out that “the Ministry of Health should contract quickly with doctors and nurses so that these pressure cases do not recur, and it must distribute medical aid to hospitals so that the epidemiological situation does not worsen.”

According to Anadolu Agency, the field hospital does not meet the health conditions required to receive patients.

She explained that this hospital is located in an open space without doors, and its walls are covered with cloth, and the death of 6 patients was recorded in the past two days, quoting other patients who refused to reveal their names.

There are 40 beds in the local hospital in Mater, including 30 oxygen beds, while the most serious cases are directed to nearby hospitals.

And Tunisians were shocked, in late June, by a previous video clip circulated by pioneers on social media, documenting the death of a security man infected with “Corona” in front of a hospital in Kairouan (center), where he wanted to receive health care.

This comes, while the Tunisian Ministry of Health warned, last week, that the country is witnessing an “unprecedented epidemic wave characterized by a wide spread of alpha and delta mutated strains” in most states, with a rise in the rate of injuries and deaths.

The country recorded 140 deaths and 7,524 new infections with the virus, bringing the total to 540,798 infections, including 17,354 deaths, and 429,646 cases of recovery, and at an almost daily rate, Tunisia has received, days ago, planes from many countries loaded with medical aid. and nutritional.

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