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Social networking sites in Jordan topped collective calls for the dismissal of a member of the Royal Committee for the Modernization of the Political System, Zaid al-Nabulsi, as happened with Wafa al-Khadra, as he explicitly challenges Islam and its constants and should not be within a leadership position in the state.

Activists circulated pictures of a group of previous and current tweets by Zaid Omar Al-Nabulsi, in which he challenged Sahih Al-Bukhari and insulted Islam.

Zaid Al Nabulsi

Among what the activists circulated, a previous tweet by Zaid Al-Nabulsi said: “Whenever I visit Cairo, I am certain that Al-Bukhari’s hadith, “Sexual intercourse, interbreed and multiply, for I am proud of you nations on the Day of Resurrection.” of misery, oppression and extreme poverty.”

Dr. Akram Muhammad Nimrawi said in a tweet to him via the hashtag “Zayd al-Nabulsi’s dismissal”: “The so-called Zaid al-Nabulsi has offended God, His Messenger and Muslims, and therefore he must be dismissed and then tried.”

Another defended Imam al-Bukhari, whom Zayd slandered by saying: “Bukhari did not record hadiths while he was listening to hadiths in his Sahih Book as soon as he heard them from his sheikhs. Rather, he scrutinized and verified: starting with examining the level of the sheikh in himself. If he disagrees with them, he uses the laws of preference, telling him what he was right about and leaving this Sheikh with what he made a mistake.”

And he continued via the hashtag: “The role of Al-Bukhari in his Sahih was not the role of (the inventor), but rather the role of (the investigator). If you understand this, then know that his investigation was not (intuitively) abstract, but rather (scientifically), so its awareness, then know that this (scientific investigation) depends On (objective) and not (subjective) laws. There is no valid discussion with those who ignore or ignore these points.”

Activists also attacked the Royal Reform Committee in Jordan, and denounced how the likes of Zaid al-Nabulsi and Wafa al-Khadra are among its members while they openly attack the principles of Islam.

Zaid Al-Nabulsi responds

For his part, a member of the Royal Committee for the Modernization of the Political System, Zaid Al-Nabulsi, issued a statement published by Jordanian media today, Saturday, in response to what was recently published about the issues that sparked controversy on social media.

Below is the text of the statement:

It has become necessary to publish this clarification after the fierce campaign to defame me and direct incitement against me by a few who do not represent this noble and good Prime Time Zone of origin:

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First: I am a Muslim, the son of a Muslim from a Muslim family, and my father’s grandfather built the largest mosque in Nablus in the thirties of the last century, and my maternal grandfather came as an immigrant child with the religion of Islam from the Caucasus Mountains, carried with his family to build a homeland for them in Jordan away from religious persecution, and I consider myself a reader specializing in This is the true religion and I have memorized parts of the Holy Qur’an that I have not forgotten since I sealed the Book of God several times in my youth, and therefore I do not accept and will not accept anyone to bid on my religious affiliation just because we disagree on the interpretation of some of the matters that scholars have differed on since time immemorial. In this country, you do not accept that the difference of opinion turns into blasphemy and heresy parties on the means of social rivalry.

Second: I am from a family that served this country in its darkest days, in adversity before good times, as my father was a minister under the fire of cannons and rifles, may God not restore it to us, since the government of the martyr Wasfi al-Tal, may God have mercy on him, and in several other governments after that, and when I was commissioned and honored by the precious royal trust. In this committee, I have posted here a pledge to myself not to make it an arena for debate and to rise above petty things and record political points, in order to advance the noble national mission and the honorable goal behind this committee, and what this country will gain if we succeed in its outputs since His Majesty the King has guaranteed it By himself, and I am still on my covenant, as will be witnessed by the honorable members of the Committee with political orientations that are completely contrary to my directions, and who I sit next to shoulder to shoulder with all affection and respect to implement the contents of the royal message.

Third: I, as a member of this committee, did not utter a letter calling for the amendment of the state religion article in the constitution, and what I published – and is still published on my page until this moment – was just a purely constitutional and academic legal topic on secular constitutions that represents my view as expressed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Ok Erdogan, in more than one interview and talk, and I did not even try to put this point of view in the committee because it is originally outside the scope of the committee’s mission and has nothing to do with its work, so how can I be accused of trying to cancel the state debt? Is the Turkish president also offensive to Islam when he says the sentence “The state is a just government and it must remain on the same area of ​​all religions”? What I published was just a constitutional legal opinion in my field of expertise as a lawyer who studied constitutional law as a basic subject in a master’s degree from Britain, and does not deserve this systematic campaign to demonize me and describe me with the most vile descriptions, because the constitution that I respect and honor guarantees us freedom of expression and difference of opinion under the umbrella of the law.

Green Wafa

The Royal Committee to Modernize the Political System recently formed in Jordan announced, on Friday, the acceptance of Wafaa Al-Khadra’s resignation from its membership.

The spokesman for the committee, Muhannad Mobaideen, said that the resignation came after a study of the reality and the realization situation after it was published by Al-Khadra, which submitted its resignation to the president and then submitted it to King Abdullah II, and it was approved.

Mobaideen added that “the committee’s work is not affected by the resignation of one or more Prime Time Zone and it continues because it works within an institutional framework,” adding that the two resignations do not affect the committee’s work.

He pointed out that the committee is not a governmental body and is not a public job, and a member of the committee does not receive remuneration, and the matter does not require the replacement of persons in the place of the two resigned members.

Wafa al-Khadra and the story of the sacrifice

The resignation came following a publication by Al-Khadra, on its Facebook account, in which it considered the slaughter of sacrifices “a ritual lacking in mercy and compassion”, which provoked widespread reactions that demanded her dismissal.

And Al-Khadra wrote, in its Wednesday post, “The feast deserves to be celebrated when we create a form of life or save it from tampering and the chaos of survival, and not necessarily when we kidnap a life or exterminate it and sacrifice in it because of rituals that lack mercy and compassion.”

And she added in the post, which she later deleted due to the widespread criticism of her: “The slaughter of sheep and the offering of the sacrifice is not justified, and Islam is innocent of this ritual in an era in which living contexts have changed, concepts of environmental balance, human rights rituals and the environmental contract.”

Al-Khadra is a member of the Committee to Modernize the Political System in Jordan, which was formed on June 10, by royal order.

The task of the committee includes drafting two new laws for elections and parties, examining constitutional amendments that are legally related to the two laws and parliamentary work mechanisms, and providing recommendations related to the development of legislation regulating local administration, and expanding the base of participation in decision-making.

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