The dream of emigration may turn into a death certificate.. Hundreds of Moroccans are detained in Libya under inhumane conditions | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


stated “Euro-Mediterranean ObservatoryFor Human Rights, the Libyan authorities have been detaining hundreds of Moroccan migrants for months without legal justification, and in inhumane conditions of detention.

And the Geneva-based Euro-Med Monitor indicated in a press release that it had received information that Moroccan migrants detained in Libya are distributed among several detention centers in the west of the country, including the Daraj center near the Ghadames region.

They suffer from difficult health conditions

In addition to the prisons of Ain Zara and Ghout al-Shaal in the western areas of Tripoli, where they suffer from difficult health conditions, especially with the infection of a large number of detainees in the Al-Daraj center with the Corona virus, amid a lack of health care.

According to the information received by the Euro-Mediterranean Monitor, the administration of prisons and detention centers is ignoring the provision of health care to detained migrants, especially those suffering from the Corona virus.

It provides only very limited and insufficient quantities of food, clean drinking water is not available, and detainees live in an unsanitary environment, which has helped spread infectious diseases among them on a large scale.

The Euro-Med Monitor obtained testimonies for more than 80 families of Moroccan immigrants detained in Libya.

Migrants leave Morocco without any identification papers, thinking that this will help them to seek asylum upon their arrival to the Italian coast.

Moroccan immigrants

With regard to how Moroccan migrants are detained, some of them are detained by Libyan border guards after they entered the country from Algeria.

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As for the other part, they are detained by the Libyan Coast Guard forces at sea as they try to migrate to Italy, and all of them are transferred to the aforementioned detention centers in the west of the country.

The Euro-Med Monitor stated that it had contacted a number of Libyan official authorities regarding the conditions of Moroccan migrants detained in Libya, but had not received any responses to date.

According to the Euro-Mediterranean Monitor’s follow-up, the families of Moroccan immigrants detained in Libya recently organized five vigils in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the capital, Rabat, to demand intervention to release their children.

And they received promises from Moroccan officials to solve the issue, but the movements in this file are still limited, and they do not indicate any serious intentions to resolve the crisis once and for all.

The Moroccan Foreign Ministry talks about the attempt to return the refugees

On September 6, a source in the Moroccan Foreign Ministry stated that “Moroccan interests are working in coordination with their Libyan counterparts to return 195 Moroccans detained in Libya, noting that there is coordination at the highest level to ensure the return of Moroccans detained in Libya.”

The legal researcher at the Euro-Mediterranean Monitor, Youssef Salem, said that the responsibility to preserve the lives of these detainees lies with both the Libyan and Moroccan governments, as the Libyan government is obligated in accordance with international conventions and norms related to treating these detainees in a dignified manner, providing them with adequate shelter, and empowering them. from obtaining their basic rights. As for the Moroccan government, it should work to protect its nationals in Libya, and to ensure their humanitarian and legal conditions.

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The Euro-Mediterranean Monitor called on the Libyan government to release Moroccan migrants in its custody, to stop violating their rights in official detention centers, to provide health care to those in dire need, especially coronavirus patients, and to provide preventive and safety measures in all prisons and detention centers.

The Euro-Med Monitor called on the Moroccan government to make greater and more serious efforts in the file of Moroccan migrants detained in Libya, and to cooperate actively with the Libyan authorities to end the suffering of hundreds of families who are constantly worried about the fate of their children.

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