The Drug Authority launches the program “Approving the results of quality control laboratories analyzes in human pharmaceutical companies”


The Egyptian Drug Authority announced the launch of the program “Approving the results of quality control laboratories analyzes in human pharmaceutical companies’ factories”. This is in line with the state’s orientations towards implementing international quality standards in various fields and sectors, and based on the authority’s vision to implement international quality standards and requirements in the pharmaceutical sector, in a manner that guarantees support for pharmaceutical investment in Egypt.

The spokesperson for the Medicines Authority, Dr. Mahmoud Yassin, said that the program aims to improve the level of the drug industry and the control performance of the quality control laboratories of pharmaceutical companies, by granting the authority a certificate of approval of the results of analyzes of quality control laboratories in pharmaceutical companies for some human pharmaceutical preparations in accordance with the standards set by the authority.

For his part, the head of the Central Department for Drug Control at the Drug Authority, Dr. Medhat El-Ghobashy, said that the accreditation program contributes to shortening the time required to examine the files of human pharmaceutical preparations and to issue the results of their analysis, which will benefit the Egyptian citizen by providing quality, safe and effective medicine. For the patient.

Al-Ghobashi added that strengthening the quality control model through accreditation programs has become one of the most important priorities for policy-making that contributes to the advancement and development of the drug industry, and that the Drug Authority is committed to developing frameworks that contribute to the integration of the quality system in all stages of drug control, which is in the interest of patients and all Parties involved in obtaining a safe and effective drug.

He pointed out that the frameworks established by the Drug Authority for this program are in line with the specifications of the ISO 17025 certification of general requirements for the competence of analysis laboratories and have been carried out in cooperation with industry partners, to ensure the availability of safe and effective treatments with the highest quality standards, to encourage investment in the pharmaceutical sector and to enhance the export capacity of pharmaceutical industries in Egypt.

In turn, Dr. Alaa Nashat, a member of the board of directors and head of technical operations at Novartis Pharma Egypt – the official sponsor of the workshop that was held today, Saturday, in cooperation with the Drug Authority to introduce the accreditation program – said that the program launched by the authority represents a quantum leap in the pharmaceutical industry in Egypt in line with The most modern systems applied worldwide, which in turn will contribute to the application of the highest quality standards in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Neshat explained that Novartis Pharma Egypt is the first to join and support the accreditation program, as the company has supported the Egyptian pharmaceutical market for more than 60 years and classifies its laboratories within the category laboratories, which is a commitment to the quality of manufacturing medical preparations.

The article “The Drug Authority” launches the program “Approving the results of quality control laboratories analyzes in human pharmaceutical companies” was written in Al-Borsa newspaper.