The Eastern Governor adopts detailed plans for 3 cities according to the strategic plan


Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab, Governor of Sharkia, approved today, Tuesday, the detailed plans for the cities of Sons Saqr, Mashtol Al-Souq and Abu Hammad, after completing the detailed studies necessary for the street situation and land use in accordance with the approved strategic plan for those cities.

In a statement today, the governor of Al-Sharqiya asserted that the approval comes within the framework of the state’s plan to define areas of new urban expansion, control the random growth of buildings, improve the urban environment, implement building requirements and prevent encroachment on state property, in addition to preserving the agricultural area and preventing the emergence of new slum areas.

Ghorab explained that the plan, which was approved, includes all building and planning requirements for all residential and service areas, as well as main and secondary street widths, pointing out that it came to meet the needs of citizens and respond to their demands aimed at solving their problems related to the detailed plans.

The governor pointed out that the economic, social and urban development of citizens was taken into consideration and the future outlook commensurate with the needs of future generations to enjoy a decent and orderly life away from randomness, so that the city appears decent.

Source: A.A.A.

The article: The governor of Al-Sharqiyah adopts detailed plans for 3 cities according to the strategic plan. It was written in Al-Borsa newspaper.