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The Egyptian judiciary issues its final ruling against actress Abeer Baybars, the murderer of her husband | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The Egyptian judiciary issued its final verdict against the Egyptian actress Abeer Baybars, who is accused of killing her husband in his apartment in Al Basateen area in Cairo.

7 years aggravated

The Cairo Criminal Court ruled that Abeer Baybars was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment while obliging the civil case.

The prosecution’s investigations published by the Egyptian newspaper Al-Youm Al-Sabea revealed surprise and exciting details, after the Public Prosecution decided to refer Abeer Baybars to the Criminal Court and charged her with premeditated murder.

Where the defendant was confronted with her mobile phone and has a picture on the date of the accident day, which is May 30, which the accused took for herself and shows the victim. He is lying on the ground on his back, and he wears a “red shirt” while the accused is shown in the picture, sticking her tongue out after he was killed.

The end selfie

Abeer Baybars answered about the picture, saying, “I could not believe that he died until after the ambulance came and told me so.”

And when asked if the timing of the photo was taken before the ambulance came? Abeer Baybars replied, “I do not know,” and did not answer the prosecution’s question.

The investigations revealed that the killer actress was wearing certain clothes while taking the “selfie” with her dead husband. And she changed her clothes before attending the ambulance.

During the hearing, Abeer Baybars denied the murder charge, and said: “I swear to God that I did not kill him, he who fell on the glass and died. God suffices and yes, the agent, I did not kill my husband, I did not kill him.

Heart patient

And it was Father Abeer Baybars’ husband had previously accused her of beating him on a daily basis and constantly assaulting him.

The father said that “Abeer”, accused of killing her husband, businessman Amr Sayed Abdullah, was planning to kill him and prepared reports that he was a heart patient.

The father said that the defendant was going to finish his burial procedures, provided that the death was natural on the day of the accident, had he not reported the accident to the police.

He added that the accused called him on the day of the accident and claimed that his son died in his apartment and that the death is natural, indicating that he is. He arrived at the house in “Al Basateen” and found his son on the bed with no traces of blood on him, but he had injuries to his head and foot.

She asked for a divorce, then she killed him!

In the investigations, Abeer admitted that on the morning of the day of the accident, she asked him for a divorce, and the victim tried to reconcile with her. Under the urgency, her husband told her. “We wear salvation and go to the Ma`zoun.”

After that, her husband entered the room to collect his clothes, and there was a glass panel on the bed, and the discussion intensified between them, so her husband – as she tells – slapped her on the face. She spat on him, and then he threw the bag heavily on the glass, and it broke and hit her hand as she rested her hand on the bed.

And she continued: I went to the bathroom to wash my hands, and when I returned to the room, I was surprised that the victim was bleeding and falling to the ground. Outside the room, I was asked to drink water.

She also said that she found a small wound in his chest, so she asked the maid for a cotton pad to stop the bleeding.

She explained: “Actually the bleeding stopped because of a small wound, and I took off its clothes so that I could see to stop the bleeding, and I changed it and put it on a red T-shirt.”

The victim is bleeding: Thirsty, I want to drink!

The statements of the main witness in the accident, “Hala”, who works as a “maid”, revealed that Abeer was constantly quarreling with her husband, “Amr,” and assaulted. He has to hit some times.

On the day of the accident, the witness said that she saw the victim come out of the room and bleed, then fall to the ground. While lying on the ground, he told her, “Thirsty, I want to drink water.”

She also said that she ran up and brought him water, and saw blood bleeding from his hand, and he said to her: “I die for the salvation of my soul, my voice. Because someone catches you from it.

She revealed that the defendant asked her to stay away from her victimized husband, to sit in her room, collect glass and wipe the blood from the ground and the victim’s clothes.

He visited her in a dream

Abeer Baybars had gone into a crying fit during the last session to renew her detention before the opposition judge. In the South Cairo Court.

The defendant said, according to local media, quoting security sources, that the reason for her crying was that her dead husband came to her. In the “dream”, he was crying while bleeding.

Abeer Baybars also said in front of the judge, tears streaming down her eyes, nearly 150 days after their crime. At the beginning of a month. Last July: “I am wrong and I took my punishment. I did not imagine that the matter would amount to murder.”

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