The Egyptian regime takes revenge on Dr. Ayman Mansour Nada after the article “Information of Mules”


The Egyptian Public Prosecution decided to renew the detention of Dr. Ayman Mansour Nada, head of the Radio and Television Department at the Faculty of Information, Cairo University, for fifteen days, in addition to four days prior to the prison sentence, in an attempt by the Egyptian regime to warn anyone who tempted himself to criticize the official media.

In a post that Watan followed on Facebook, the journalist Hafez al-Mirazi said that a reliable source following the case of Dr. Ayman informed him that his cell had been changed. From a room in which only a former judge shares an accused to a cell crammed with thirty suspects and imprisoned in the police station!

Extension of the detention of Dr. Ayman Mansour Nada

Al-Mirazi commented on the renewal of Al-Mirazi’s imprisonment, saying: “Many Prime Time Zone imagined that the imprisonment of Dr. Ayman Mansour Nada, Head of Radio and Television Department, Faculty of Mass Communication. Cairo University for fifteen days, in addition to the four days prior to the imprisonment sentence, is sufficient as an “ear pinch” for those who instigate themselves to criticize the insults directed at the Egyptian media, or to expose corruption to the president of his university, who communicated by phone and security, but it seems that the revenge has begun and has not ended yet A curiosity for all! .

He added: “It is known that Dr. Ayman Mansour, regardless of his university status, suffers as Adam’s son from several chronic diseases, including heart, pressure and diabetes!! .

How did the journalist Muhammad Al-Sutohi see the renewal of Nada’s imprisonment?

In turn, the journalist, Muhammad Al-Sutohi, commented on the decision to renew the detention of Dr. Ayman Mansour Nada for a new period of 15 days. He wondered about the purpose of his detention, knowing his place of residence and the ease of bringing him.

In a Facebook post, which was followed by Watan, Al-Sutohi said, “All the traditional accusations can be placed according to the terrorism law to imprison him. But Dr. Ayman is a well-known personality and his case is no longer hidden from anyone, and everyone knows his recent articles in which he revealed, in documents, the waste of public money and corruption at Cairo University, and before that, anatomical articles. Because of the tragedy of the Egyptian media, and therefore it was expected and natural in a country that raises the slogan of the rule of law and the fight against corruption that an investigation will be carried out regarding the accusations of the university president, Dr. Othman Al-Khasht, especially after Dr. Ayman those documents for the investigation of public funds. But ignoring all that and imprisoning the man who exposed corruption and provided those documents opens the door to big question marks.”

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Al-Sutohi added: “This case no longer concerns one person, even if he is a prominent university professor. A large delegation to persuade the American authorities to improve the human rights situation in Egypt! .

And the Faculty of Mass Communication at Cairo University announced last March that Dr. Ayman Mansour Nada, head of the Radio and Television Department, had been suspended from work. Until the completion of the internal investigation with him about the incident of his assault on the former college vice dean and his departure from university traditions and customs.

Informing Mules: From Ahmed Musa to Karam Jabr!!

The crisis began after Nada wrote an article on his personal page on the social networking site “Facebook” (the site deleted it shortly after its publication). Entitled: “Information of Mules: From Ahmed Musa to Karam Gabr!!”.

The article “Mules Media” was the eighth in a series of articles written by the Egyptian media professor, during which he attacked broadcasters and journalists. and officials in the media. Most of them are affiliated with the Egyptian General Intelligence, led by Major General Abbas Kamel, the former director of the office of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, while it is supervised by his assistant and his right arm, Lt. Col. Ahmed Shaaban. In response to Mansour Nada’s article, he wrote an article on his personal page on the social networking site entitled “Words in the Jurisprudence of Controversy,” in which he cited the words of Imam Muhammad Abdo, “There is no goodness in tyranny by opinion, even if the intentions are sincere.”

Ayman Mansour Nada

It provoked a battle between the professor of media on the one hand, and the head of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation, Lieutenant-Colonel Ahmed Shaaban, and some broadcasters on the other.

It also surprised many in Egypt, as no one before that dared criticize the officials of the media institution run by the General Intelligence, let alone a person who attacked the first official in his name, Lieutenant-Colonel Ahmed Shaaban, known in the press as “the editor-in-chief of Egypt.” Not only, but his attack reached Colonel Mahmoud, the son of President Sisi.

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