The end of 2020 is disastrous for her .. “Watch” a famous singer caught fire in her hair during a live broadcast | A nation is tweeting out of tune


A well-known singer occurred in a strange incident of its kind, while filming a song on the occasion of Christmas and publishing it on Instagram for photos and short clips.

The English artist, Sophia Lara, of Spanish origin, was sharing with her fans the atmosphere of celebration and singing through Instagram, to be surprised that her hair caught fire and burned during filming.

And Sofia, who lives in Madrid, had prepared the filming location inside her home and decorated it with Christmas and Christmas tree décor.

She also lit candles as a kind of decoration and adding touches of romance – according to her expression, on the atmosphere of photography.

Sophia appeared performing the song (FELIZ NAVIDAD) with the participation of her friend Alvaro Soler, before the flames surprised her behind her, as while Sophia interacted with the song and swayed, the fire clashed in her hair by mistake, but soon she felt the heat of the fire, while her friend tried to help her to extinguish the fire .

Commenting on the incident, the English artist said that she will not light candles again to bid farewell to 2020.

The video clip was widely shared and interacted on the social networking site.

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