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The Bahraini actress, Shaima Sabt, caused confusion among her fans by announcing her engagement in an unclear manner.

The fact of the engagement of Shaima sat!

This came in Shaima Sabt’s response to one of her followers via (Snat Chat), who wrote what was written: “Congratulations Shaima God makes you happy.. your engagement?

But Shaima Sabt attached the word (yes) to a sarcastic emoji, which made the followers doubt the seriousness of her answer, which sparked confusion and controversy among the audience.

And the comments came: (Ok, I knew that she got engaged, and what will she benefit? People humiliate them because they don’t have a life?).

And another wrote sarcastically: (We all know that she was sent to herself but she).

While another questioned the veracity of the news, she wrote: (Already if I got engaged to Instagram, it would be sponsored by her engagement).

A commentator said that Shaima had postponed her marriage in the past, in order to take care of her sisters, and wrote: (She is an actress and according to her words and her sisters, she postponed her marriage to the extent that she takes care of her sisters. I think her mother and father had an circumstance or something. .

The marriage of Shaima Sabt and Mohamed Saad

Months ago, rumors spread about a marriage between Shaima Sabt and the Egyptian artist Mohammed Saad, who was famous for the character (Al-Lambi) in his films, which made the Bahraini artist reveal the truth of these circulating news.

Sabt denied the rumors of her marriage to (Al-Lambi) in whole and in detail, and revealed the nature of the picture she collected with Muhammad Saad, and the rumor promoters relied on it.

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Commenting on this photo, Shaima Sabt republished it on her Twitter account, confirming that she is not the wife of Muhammad Saad (Al-Lambi).

But she is actually the woman standing next to Saad in the widely circulated picture, entitled (Mohammed Saad’s wife looks like a Bahraini actress).

Shaima explained: (I do not know who published this picture and wrote this matter).

Shaima followed at the time: (But this picture is of me with the artist Mohamed Saad at the Dubai Film Festival in 2013).

The Bahraini artist pointed out that it was for remembrance, commented (and she is very dear to me. For clarification only).

About a month ago, Shaima Sabt announced that she had contracted the emerging coronavirus.

Shaima Sabt said in a video she posted on her account on (Instagram) at the time: (I underwent a Covid-19 examination, and unfortunately the result appeared positive, meaning that I am infected. Praise be to God in any case, O God, I do not object to all that I need. I pray for you and I wish a sweet invitation from you. On behalf of you and every patient, and God willing, a crisis and a transgression).

Shaima Sabt spoke about the atmosphere of the Corona pandemic, and said that despite her negativity, she was the reason behind the marriage of her two sisters, Shatha and Abrar, and indicated at the time that she and her sister Shaila wanted to marry as well.

Shaima Sabt leads a campaign to save Amina Al-Qaffas

In another context, Shaima launched a campaign to save the life of Bahraini actress Amina Al-Qaffas.

Shaima said at the time that Amina was in a very critical condition, and she needed to donate blood.

The Bahraini actress reminded her followers of Amina’s artwork that made them happy, and said that the number of donors who have donated to her so far has not exceeded 3 Prime Time Zone.

The distress was launched by Sabt through a video clip, which she posted on her official Twitter account.

Shaima published a picture of the artist, Amina Al-Qaffas, in the clip, and commented: (Yama, you saw her and laughed with her.. Her condition is very critical in the hospital, and so far she has not received donors).

And she added: (May God heal you, dear Umm Ahmed, and protect you, Lord).

And she continued: (Where are you, Prime Time Zone of shame and fear, the daughter of Bahrain, the able artist, Amina Al-Qaffas, who needs you).

Shaima confirmed that Amina needs large amounts of blood in order to save her life, after her health condition deteriorated and her blood type was determined.

Who is Shaima Sabt?

It is known that Shaima, 43, is from an artistic family and is the eldest daughter of actress Fatima Ismail.

Also, her sisters are actresses (Shatha, Abrar and Shaila).

She studied a civil engineering diploma and holds a BA in Media and Public Relations, and a BA in Psychology.

Shaima Sabt began her artistic career in 1988 in the Children’s Theatre.

And she has many works in the period at the end of the eighties and nineties and the beginning of the second millennium at a young age.

Such as (Gnaoui Bou Taab, Hazawi El-Dar, Beit El-Mughni and Sorour), and appeared in a program in Spain on Al-Andalus satellite channel in 2000.

While her actual beginning was in the series Blindness of Colors in 2002, with the participation of the artist Ghanem Al-Sulaiti, and the Emirati artist Samira Ahmed.

After that, she continued to present works on stage and television, and presented some programs on television and radio.

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