The European Commission contracts with a pharmaceutical company to provide “Corona” patients with antibodies


Today, Tuesday, the European Commission announced the signing of a contract with the global American pharmaceutical company “Eli Lilly” to provide patients with the emerging “Corona” virus “Covid-19” with monoclonal antibodies, which many recent medical reports revealed that it reduced the rates of hospitalization and death by 78. % of covid patients.

A press release, published by the Commission on its official website, stated that this contract represents the latest development in five treatments for “Covid-19” patients that the Commission pledged to provide as soon as possible under the European Union’s COVID-19 Treatments Strategy.

The statement indicated that monoclonal antibody therapy is currently under continuous review by the European Medicines Agency, while 18 EU member states have so far signed procurement contracts to purchase up to 220,000 treatment doses of it.

Stella Kyriakides, Commissioner for Health and Food Safety of the European Union, said: “More than 73% of the adult population in the European Union is now fully vaccinated, and this rate will continue to increase. But vaccines cannot be our only response to COVID-19.

Especially since Prime Time Zone are still getting infected, and we need to continue our work to prevent disease with vaccines and at the same time make sure that we can treat it with the right drugs.

With today’s signing, we conclude our third purchase and deliver on our commitment under the EU Treatment Strategy to facilitate access to the latest medicines for COVID-19 patients.”

The statement continued, that while vaccination is still the most powerful way to confront the virus and its variants, treatments play a crucial role in the response to “Covid-19”. They help save lives, speed up recovery time, reduce hospital stays, and ultimately reduce the burden on health care systems.

And the current drug, produced by the American company “Eli Lilly,” is a mixture of two monoclonal antibodies to treat “Covid” patients who do not need oxygen but are exposed to more serious repercussions as a result of infection. Monoclonal antibodies are proteins created in the laboratory that mimic the ability of the immune system to fight the Corona virus, and they fuse with the barbed protein and thus prevent the virus from attaching to human cells, according to what the Commission statement indicated.

Source: A.S.A

The article was written in Al Borsa newspaper, the European Commission contracts with a pharmaceutical company to provide “Corona” patients with antibodies.