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Reports that spread a few days ago that the Saudi authorities confiscated the property and money of Ayman Hariri, brother of former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, sparked widespread controversy on the communication sites.

There were conflicting information about the authenticity of Ayman al-Hariri’s expulsion from the kingdom, and his request, about three weeks ago, to leave him and his family as undesirable for their presence on its lands, after confiscating his home, to go exclusively to Abu Dhabi.

Ayman Hariri

newspaper “news“The Lebanese were the ones who published this information a few days ago, which stated that these measures were taken by the Kingdom to meet the consequences owed to it by Saad Hariri and the properties of Saudi Oger, which amount to 4 billion US dollars.

They are debts owed by the company and its partners, including Ayman, his brother’s partner.

The Saudi authorities justified this measure, according to the newspaper, as part of a purely judicial process that has nothing to do with politics, linked to debts owed by the former prime minister, who and his brother still enjoy Saudi citizenship.

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However, a news website in Beirut quoted well-informed Saudi sources denying the authenticity of this news, neither from near nor from afar.

Saudi Oger Filter

The Saudi Oger company, considered an empire by Hariri the father, was bankrupt.

Its properties were liquidated and sold by public auction in payment of debts and rights of dismissed employees.

Who is Ayman Rafic Hariri?

It is noteworthy that Ayman Rafic Hariri is a Lebanese-Saudi businessman and billionaire. Born in 1979.

He is the son of the late Prime Minister of Lebanon, Rafik Hariri, from his wife, Nazik Hariri, and the brother of the former Prime Minister of Lebanon, Saad Eddin Hariri.

Ayman Hariri and his brother Saad

His fortune was previously estimated by Arabian Business magazine at $2.15 billion in 2012.

Ayman was ranked No. 22 among the richest Arabs on Forbes magazine’s 2010 list.

Together with his brother Saad, he runs the Saudi Oger Company, a Saudi multi-activity company established in 1978.

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It started as a contracting and public works company before developing its activities to include communications, printing, real estate and computer services.

He worked as an engineer in the “Intelsat consortium” of satellites, and in a family company for wireless communications in South Africa.

He now holds the position of Deputy General Manager and member of the Saudi Oger Board of Directors, and due to his engineering talent, he is involved in all projects belonging to the Hariri family.

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