The fact that Messi signed an African club after the expiration of his contract with Barcelona (photos) | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The Ivorian club, ASEC Abidjan, announced in a post on its official account on “Twitter”, its contract with Argentine star Lionel Messi, 34, taking advantage of the controversy over the player’s fate, two days after the expiration of his contract with the Catalan team without renewal.

Messi and the truth of the matter

The Ivorian club, ASEC Abidjan, published a composite picture of Barcelona captain Messi, the flea, announcing the contract with him. He commented on that photo, saying: “We are on time.. Messi joins ASEC.”

While media sources did not confirm the authenticity of these news, or even sources close to the Argentine player Messi regarding his contract with an African club, and it is possible that the club is exploiting these speculations about the player’s fate in order to search for fame.

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Messi and negotiations with Barcelona

In a related context, Barcelona President Joan Laporta confirmed that attempts to renew the contract of Barcelona captain Lionel Messi have been postponed due to financial control measures by the Spanish Football League “La Liga”.

And Laporta said in a press interview with him on the Spanish radio “Onda Cero”, saying: “Things are going well, and Messi wants to stay in the team and we are making every effort to ensure that this happens, and this must be balanced with perfect fair play.”

And he added, “We have a lot of options and we do it in the best possible interest for all parties, and we want him to continue with the Catalan team and he wants that, we want to offer him the best possible competitive squad.”

Financial Supervision and Barcelona

Spanish reports indicated that the Spanish League “La Liga” has imposed strict financial control measures on Barcelona since 2013.

It determines the maximum amount that the Blaugrana can spend on the players of the squad and the coaching staff each season in line with the income of the Spanish club.

And it was reported that FC Barcelona has the largest revenue in the world of football, according to a report published by Deloitte, despite the decline to about 125 million euros during the past year due to the repercussions of the effects of the Corona virus epidemic.

Barcelona budget and approval

The Barcelona administration obtained the approval of the Spanish League at the beginning of the 2019-2020 season, as the budget amounts to a maximum of 1.47 billion euros, while the number was reduced to 733 million euros last season.

It is likely to drop much more than that during the past season without the club’s revenue as well as the stagnation in the current summer transfer market.

Messi contract

Lionel Messi’s contract with Barcelona expired at the end of last June, without resolving his matter with the Catalan team, amid speculations that are being raised through the various media about his fate with the club.

The Argentine Messi has played for Barcelona since the summer of 2004-2005, and succeeded in crowning the Catalan team with the Spanish League title 10 times, 7 times in the King’s Cup and 4 times in the Champions League.

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