The “Financial Times” reveals a new scandal in the UAE .. racism in everything even vaccination! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Newspaper revealed “Financial Times“On what I described as the state of discrimination in administering Corona vaccines in the Emirates, which has receded to those with connections and celebrities. Who were able to obtain vaccines through their ties to the country’s ruling family.

According to the report published by the newspaper and prepared by three journalists, corporate executives and the wealthy are in addition to politicians and princes. They were the ones who managed to get vaccinated against Covid 19 in the UAE.

Politicians, princes and wealthy arrived in the Emirates

During the past recent months, politicians, princes and the wealthy in the Emirates poured in to obtain vaccines.

The newspaper also said that the British financier Ben Goldsmith, in addition to managers at Softbank, were among those who took the rapid vaccination against Corona.

The report attributed the use of members of the ruling family in the Emirates to help non-residents to obtain the vaccine.

Goldsmith, who works as an adviser to the British government and is the son of financier Jimmy Goldsmith, moved to the UAE last December. And that is before the application of the lockdown measures in Britain.

Goldsmith and his wife were able to obtain the Pointic Pfizer vaccine, at the invitation of a member of the ruling family in Abu Dhabi.

According to Goldsmith’s statements to the newspaper, he said, “Our goal was not to vaccinate, but when the opportunity arose, we were grateful for us.”

He also continued, speaking on the subject, that: “The Emirates feeds anyone who asks, and we were in the right place and at the right time.” Note that only residents of the UAE are entitled to receive vaccination.

Six million out of ten million Prime Time Zone, which is the total population, have been vaccinated against Corona.

The UAE has a rapid vaccination program, is experimenting with Sinopharma on the vaccine it is producing, and is also planning to manufacture it.

Corona vaccines

The UAE has enough vaccines to vaccinate the entire population. At some point, the UAE may start a vaccine tourism program, but the excess vaccines are currently used to vaccinate non-residents who have strong relationships with officials and princes.

On the other hand, prominent officials and members of the ruling family can obtain exceptions to vaccinate non-residents.

Two Prime Time Zone commented on firsthand knowledge of the journey of a small group of Softbank managers who moved to the UAE during the month of January. That they got the vaccine during their stay in the UAE.

Among these Prime Time Zone was Raheef Misra, who supervises the management of the Vision Fund, knowing that they are not residents of the Emirates. It is a reference for them to obtain government approval in order to obtain vaccines against Covid 19.

And a number of officials in Abu Dhabi provided vaccines to a group of non-resident businessmen in the Emirates, who work with the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The UAE has also offered the vaccine to officials of the Italian energy company Eni, including CEO Claudio Descalz. They got the vaccine Biontec / Pfizer free of charge, as part of “work purposes,” according to the newspaper.

“The vaccination is much safer” and “it is difficult to obtain and takes days,” said a company official who received the vaccine.

The vaccine tourists usually arrive in private jets and stay in upscale hotels on Dubai’s beachfront such as Mardian Oriental and Four Seasons Jumeirah. And a Bulgarian resort, according to a businessman who made the trip and got the vaccine.

One investor familiar with these vaccination measures commented, “People with special connections come here and get the vaccine. Which is presented to them based on a “friendship or family relationship”

And the investor continued in his speech that “the sheikhs have an outlet for their stores and vaccines are available in the council.”

Pakistan, India and Lebanon

The UAE also witnessed an influx of vaccines from Pakistan, India and Lebanon.

According to Prime Time Zone in Dubai, they said that a number of wealthy Prime Time Zone have opened legal companies that qualify them to obtain residency and vaccination together in the Emirates.

According to an interview with a Lebanese financial advisor and banker, they and their friends obtained strong ties in order to obtain injections from Sinopharm at large vaccination centers in the emirate of Dubai.

Politicians from Lebanon also came to be vaccinated in the Emirates, as well as from countries as far away as Georgia.

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