The Financial Times reveals special details about a massive campaign of intimidation practiced by the ruler of Dubai against Princess Haya


The British newspaper “Financial Times”, in a report, shed light on what it described as the widespread campaign of intimidation and intimidation that he is practicing. Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, against his ex-wife, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, the half-sister of King Abdullah II of Jordan.

The report of the British newspaper stressed that the relations between Princess Haya bint Al Hussein and Ibn Rashid, recently reached a very bad level.

So much so that the princess felt she was being ‘stalked all the time’ and ‘she had nowhere to go to be safe’, even in the UK. Where a new life begins after the collapse of their relationship.

It is noteworthy that on October 6, a British court ruled that the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, had issued orders to spy on. The phones of his ex-wife, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, and her lawyer team, as part of a “continuous campaign of intimidation and threats” during the custody battle of their children.

Spy on Princess Haya’s phone

After lifting publication restrictions on the rulings issued by a high-ranking British judge about Sheikh Mohammed’s hacking of his ex-wife’s phones and phones. According to her lawyer and security team, information was disclosed about how the hacking took place based on expert testimony. Behind closed doors, hundreds of pages of court documents, a rare picture of a normally shrouded operation.

The documents show that in the late evening of August 5, 2020, Cherie Blair, who was the Israeli security firm NSO, sent it. As an outside counsel, she sends an email to Fiona Shackleton, the princess’s lawyer, that there is an “urgent need to speak with you tonight” and that “it doesn’t matter how late it is.”

Shackleton testified to the court that Blair appeared very concerned, asserting that a senior manager at NSO. Tell her that the company is afraid. That the advanced spyware it produced and is only available for use by countries was misused by targeting the lawyer and the princess.

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“The senior manager at NSO has told me that they have taken steps to ensure that there is no possibility of hacking,” Blair said in her statement to the High Court in London. phones again,” while the Israeli company said it could not comment on the case. But it added that it would take action if it received evidence of misuse of the Pegasus software.

The ruler of Dubai is taking advantage of his power and influence in his conflict with Princess Haya

According to the newspaper, the bitterness of the battle between the Jordanian princess and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid became clear in 11 judicial rulings, which were publicly published by the British Supreme Court this week, threatening to tarnish the international reputation of one of the most important Gulf leaders.

The court indicated how Mohammed bin Rashid “had a willingness to use the arm of the UAE to achieve his own goals, with regard to the women in his family”, and launched a wide “campaign of intimidation and intimidation” against Princess Haya.

Princess Haya bint Al Hussein and Mohammed bin Rashid

The Supreme Court judge concluded that Mohammed bin Rashid “used his vast wealth, political power and international influence” against Haya, including allowing his agents to hack her mobile phone, using the Pegasus spyware, developed by the Israeli company NSO Group.

The implications of these rulings extend beyond the borders of the UAE, where Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, enjoys deep ties to the institution. British He was the Queen’s guest at the Royal Ascot horse racing festival, a major party. In the world of horse racing through its stables “Godolphin”, the world’s most famous, specialized in breeding and training racing horses.

The rulings also come at a time when Britain, after its exit from the European Union, is hoping to build stronger relations with the Arab Gulf states, which have been stagnant. It is already a great business partner.

Is the crisis reflected on the relations between Dubai and London?

According to the British newspaper, relations between the United Kingdom and the UAE fell to a low level in 2018, when British student, Matthew Hedges, was held in solitary confinement for several months, accused of spying for British intelligence, before he was later convicted and pardoned.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has reaffirmed the importance of resetting the historical relationship between the two countries, and efforts in this regard culminated in the signing last month of a “Partnership for the Future”, which included an Emirati pledge to invest 10 billion pounds in clean energy, technology and infrastructure in the United Kingdom. .

At the same time, the head of a British parliamentary group on human rights in the Gulf region accused the British government of “hypocrisy” over its trade talks with the Gulf Cooperation Council, where civil society and the persecution of dissidents in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.

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Against this background, the judicial battle between Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed and Princess Haya continues. As the princess told the court: “Every time I think. There is a solution on the horizon, the situation is changing again, and the finish line is retreating even further. I get tired sometimes trying to stay calm and balanced in the face of the scale.”

The kidnapping scenario

Over the past two years, darker details about Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s personal life have emerged, due to his judicial battle. Tawila with Princess Haya about their children. The Jordanian princess had fled to Britain in 2019 with their two children.

As part of its investigation into the case, the British High Court concluded that the ruler of the Emirate of Dubai had actually orchestrated the kidnappings of two of his daughters, Sheikha Latifa and Sheikha Shamsa, the first in international waters off the coast of India, in 2018, and the second from England, in 2000.

Dubai ruler Mohammed bin Rashid ordered the hacking of the phones of his Jordanian wife, Princess Haya Al Hussein, her lawyer and her security team
Dubai ruler Mohammed bin Rashid ordered the hacking of the phones of his Jordanian wife, Princess Haya Al Hussein, her lawyer and her security team

This week saw more revelations. A court ruling explains how Mohammed bin Rashid and his agents conspired to monitor Princess Haya, his sixth wife. And the half-sister of the Jordanian monarch, by buying a property worth 30 million pounds near her property in London.

Haya was so alarmed by this willful behavior that her lawyers successfully applied to the Supreme Court to extend an order. No exposure already in place.

Princess Haya’s testimony

According to the ruling, Princess Haya said in her testimony, “The possibilities are that Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid or his representative will purchase real estate around the Castlewood area. Totally terrifying and exhausting. I feel like I’m surrounded by walls, I feel like I’m defending myself against an entire country.”

“It’s as if I’m being stalked and I have nowhere to go to be safe from, or from those who work for him,” she added. It is very oppressive.”

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It is also noteworthy that last year, a British court charged Sheikh Mohammed with directing. Orders and plans to kidnap two of his daughters and forcibly return them to Dubai.

Last April, Princess Haya fled on her private Boeing 737 to Britain with her children, Princess Jalila (12 years). and Prince Zayed (eight years). They are now holed up inside a $110 million mansion in central London.

Haya Bint Al Hussein became the third princess to try to escape from one of the world’s richest and most influential families, but so far she is the only one. that managed to escape so far.

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