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The Egyptian artist, Abbas Abu Al-Hassan, commented on the judicial ruling against the dentist accused of harassing Bassem Samir for 16 years on charges of indecent assault on four young men.

Abul-Hassan said, in a Facebook post that was monitored by Watan: “The strict 16-year prison sentence for Dr. Bassem Samir, the dentist who harasss men.”

He added: “Praise be to God, thank you to the brave Prime Time Zone who are sick and not like others, thanks to the prosecutors, the attorney general’s office, the police services, and the venerable judge.”

Abbas Abu al-Hassan continued: “Thank you to the media, friends and followers who have supported the case since its bombing, thank you to lawyer Hassan Abu al-Anin.”


It is worth noting that the Cairo Criminal Court, on Thursday, sentenced a dentist who “harassed men” to 16 years in prison.

The Public Prosecution confronted the accused with evidence during his interrogation session, and also confronted him with the statements of the four victims, who were unanimously agreed that the accused dentist deliberately molested them inside the examination room, and that he asked them to participate in immoral acts.

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The famous dentist had been charged after the testimony of 6 Prime Time Zone, and what was clarified by the report of the General Department of Criminal Evidence Investigation regarding the examination of some of his video clips and the examination of his phone.

Reports to the Public Prosecution

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian authorities had arrested the doctor on January 25, after the Public Prosecution received 5 communications in September of last year against him.

Reports at the time stated that the aforementioned doctor had harassed Prime Time Zone. After the Public Prosecution heard their testimonies and informed it of the technical evidence presented to it against the accused, it ordered his arrest.

The case attracted great attention from the pioneers of social networking sites, with the disclosure of its details. The case sheds light on the phenomenon of harassment of men.

The case received great support after famous personalities appeared in the case, the most prominent of whom was the artist Abbas Abu Al-Hassan, who told the story of being harassed by the doctor “several times” and in different situations and occasions.

Abul-Hassan encouraged young Prime Time Zone who were exposed to the same situation to report the doctor, appealing to other victims to break their silence and file complaints against the doctor.

The artist Tamim Younes also announced that he was harassed by the same accused doctor.

The accusations against the harassing doctor

In a report for the newspaper, “The Seventh Day”, in which it monitored the accusations against the harassing doctor, which included four main accusations:

1- It includes the order to refer the accused “in the name of. Q. “Indecent assault on the victim.” A” by force, and that when he met him by chance in the elevator of one of the real estate, he made a gesture to him and grabbed his penis against his will.

2- The referral order revealed that the harassing doctor had sexually assaulted the victim, “a. Q “by force, by deluding him of his ability to join one of the famous football teams, and by this means he was able to be alone with him in his clinic room, under the pretext of signing a medical examination on him, and surprising him by holding his memory member against his will.

3- The referral order also included that the accused “in the name of. Q. “You betrayed the victim’s offer.” Y” by force, by deceiving him that he must receive an analgesic injection in the muscle “his backside” after undergoing dental surgery, and based on that delusion he was able to make him undo his pants, then surprised him when he was injected with the analgesic substance by lifting his underwear revealing his penis, and then following that by feeling it From above his clothes in spite of him.

4- The accused also committed the indecent assault of the victim “M. R”, ​​by force, if he is one of those who have authority over him, by being alone with him when he works for him in his clinic and ordering him to replace his clothes in his presence to wear a work uniform, then surprising him by holding his male member.

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