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The Kuwaiti artist, Abdul-Imam Abdullah, suffered a stroke, and was subsequently transferred to Mubarak Hospital in the capital, Kuwait, to receive the necessary health care.

Abdul-Imam Abdullah … he experienced dizziness and the weight of his tongue

Abdul-Imam Abdullah said that his condition is reassuring and that he is well and well, explaining in an interview to the Kuwaiti newspaper (Al-Rai) that he was subjected to dizziness and the weight of his tongue when speaking.

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Abdul-Imam Abdullah indicated that he was transferred to the hospital after symptoms of a stroke increased.

Abdul-Imam Abdullah added: (I was treated quickly, but I will not be discharged from the hospital until after the condition has completely stabilized within two or three days).

A picture of Abd al-Imam Abdullah Inside the hospital

The Kuwaiti media, May Al-Aidan, published a picture on her official account on (Instagram) of Abdullah Imam lying on his sickbed inside the hospital.

And Abdullah al-Imam appeared smiling in the picture, and next to him was a doctor and ventilators.

Mai Al-Aidan attached the photo to a comment in which she wrote: (May God heal you, Abu Talal, you are well-being, you are the scent of the dear ones).

And she continued: (A thousand safety for the great artist, Abd al-Imam Abdullah, he will make you safe, he was exposed to a stroke, and he is lying in Mubarak Hospital, reward and well-being).

In the same context, the Kuwaiti media, Nevin Abu Al-Awafi, said in a tweet on her Twitter account: (Praise be to God, the able artist Abdul-Imam Abdullah surpassed a healthy symptom after suffering a slight stroke in the head).

And Nevin continued: (His condition is stable, as I called him to check on his health and he is currently receiving treatment in the hospital. A thousand, you are okay.)

Abdul Imam Abdullah

And Abdul-Imam Abdullah appears on the screen of Ramadan this year through the series (Chiliwi Nash), starring the artist Abdullah Al-Sadhan, written by Abdullah Al-Saad, directed by Issa Dyab, and produced by the treasures of the Gulf.

It is worth noting that Abd al-Imam Abdullah (74 years) participated in many artistic works, whether in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia or Egypt, and he is considered one of the first Gulf actors who participated in Egyptian works.

Among the most important works of Abd al-Imam Abdullah in the Gulf drama are the series (Dunia Al-Mahaabil, Al-Zeer Salem, Marriage Without Balance, Al-Ghurabaa, Family, Al-Mady and Kharif Al-Omar).

Abdel-Imam also participated in Egyptian television works, such as (Yesterday’s Story, Al Hara, Dalaa Banat), and also participated in Egyptian cinema in films (Cabaret, An Ant’s Scream), in addition to that he has many successful plays, including the play (Saif Al-Arab, Alamkshouf, right) Sleep, O Arabs, protector of home).

Corona takes the lives of Kuwaiti actors

In another context, the artistic community in Kuwait was recently affected by the death of two famous actors due to their infection with the Corona virus.

The Kuwaiti actress, Abeer Khader, died on March 29 as a result of severe complications as a result of her infection with the emerging corona virus, as she was recently transferred to intensive care at Badriya Al-Ahmad Hospital, before her health deteriorated.

At the time, Mai Al-Aidan announced the news of the death and said through her official Twitter account: (The death of the Kuwaiti actress, Abeer Al-Khader, after being infected with the Corona virus, may God have mercy on her and forgive her and inhabit her spacious paradise, pray for her with mercy, for supplication is the provision of the dead).

The death of Meshary Al-Balam

Weeks ago, the Kuwaiti artist Mishary Al-Balam died in the intensive care unit at Jaber Hospital, due to complications from the Corona virus.

The father of the late Kuwaiti artist Mishari Al-Balam revealed the real reason behind his son’s death, saying: (They gave the vaccine to Meshary without checking it, and he originally had a corona in it … and they gave him a cortisone needle, and that’s what I finished)

He was not a smoker

For his part, the artist’s brother, Mishari Al-Balam, said: “Mishari did not even smoke and Mashari was a worshiper, and he did not harm anyone.”

While Dr. Muhammad Ali Dashti, a friend of the artist Mishari Al-Balam, said: (We do not want to put the pollen on a candle and say the destiny of God, and what he willed … He took the vaccine on February 12th, and the second day of his speech was tired).

Kuwaiti Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health in Kuwait at that time decided the fact that Mishari Al-Balam died due to receiving the first dose of the Corona virus vaccine.

Khaled Al-Saeed, a member of the Vaccination Committee at the Ministry of Health, denied the reported reports about the relationship of the anti-Corona vaccine to the deaths that occur as a result of infection. He said that the vaccine had nothing to do with contracting the virus.

Al-Saeed stressed that the vaccine is safe and effective. Adding in his statement to the Kuwaiti newspaper (Al-Anbaa): (If every person took the vaccine and was infected with the Coronavirus, we would have found hundreds of thousands of infections and deaths around the world, as there are more than 200 million Prime Time Zone around the world who took these vaccines).

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health also issued a statement denying that any death had been recorded as a result of taking the Corona vaccine, and indicating that no major side effects of the vaccine had been recorded.

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