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In her first media statement, lawyer Hana Kandil, who was known in the media as “The Lady of the Menouf Train,” said that she moved to help the citizen who was slapped from a train (Menouf – Tanta).

And that was after she was dominated by maternal feelings towards the citizen’s daughter, who was crying and screaming in terror after her father slapped her in front of her because of his inability to pay the ticket price.

The woman of the “Menouf Train” explained in statements to the government “Al-Ahram Gate” that she was sitting in the middle of the Menouf train carriage on her way back from the Menouf court to the city of Shebin El-Kom because of her work assignments.

The woman of the Menouf train narrates what happened

And I noticed the sounds of a quarrel between Al-Kusra and some passengers due to his assault on a citizen for not being able to pay the price of the ticket.

What caught her attention was the crying sound of the child, who later learned that she was the citizen’s daughter, which angered her and decided to intervene and taunt Al-Kusra for his inhuman behavior – as she put it -, pointing out that she was not responsible for delaying the train, as it was said, and did not pay any fine for that.

She added, that she offered to pay the fine to the citizen for not cutting a ticket, but he refused and continued his unjustified intransigence and all the passengers tried to convince him to take the fine, but he insisted on his position by handing over the citizen to the police and filing a report against him.

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But she documented the incident by video so that the citizen would take his right and restore his dignity, confirming her willingness to stand by him to obtain his right, pointing out that she handed over the video to the railway police in Shebin El-Kom to start the necessary procedures to hold Al-Kusra accountable.

Today, Tuesday, a state of anger prevailed among the citizens of Menoufia Governorate, after a video spread on social media, showing a man slapping a citizen in front of his daughter for not obtaining a ticket for the train (Menouf – Tanta) at Menouf Station, and not being able to pay the fine.

The video also showed the intervention of one of the women in an attempt to pay the fine to the citizen. Al-Kisari refused and insisted that the citizen be handed over to the police.

However, the woman, who was found to be working as a lawyer, abused Al-Kamsari, stressing that he has no right to slap any citizen for not having the price of the ticket.

Hana Qandil, the owner of the video of the abuse of Al-Kisari, confirmed that most of the passengers offered to help and pay the price of the ticket or the fine for not insulting the citizen in front of his daughter, who cried after slapping her father from Al-Kisari.

Stopping the tracks of the Menouf train accident

For its part, the Railways Authority issued today, Tuesday, a statement regarding the incident of the circulating video, and confirmed that the two tracks of the train had been suspended and transferred for immediate investigation.

She pointed out that the culprit will receive a severe punishment, so there is no leniency in the right of any passenger, especially since the railway regulations and the directives of the Engineer Lieutenant-General of the Minister of Transport are based on good treatment of passengers, and that dealing in all situations is in accordance with the law and within the framework of full respect for the passenger, and that when the investigations are completed, they will be announced with all transparency. .

The authority affirms full respect for all the public of passengers and that all its employees aim to serve the Egyptian passenger and work to facilitate his movement through the various railways. While preserving the right of the authority to collect the value of the travel ticket by legal means, which is reflected in the service provided to the passenger.

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