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Saraya News, citing the Hebrew media, published a video clip that it said documents the moment the six Palestinian prisoners left the tunnel, while escaping from Gilboa prison.

The published clip shows Prime Time Zone passing in front of the camera in succession, and they were scattered in stages, and in the background a building appears, which circulated the clip, said is Gilboa Prison.

On Monday, Israel announced a security alert for the police, the army, and the Shin Bet security service, and took extensive measures to hunt down the six Palestinians who escaped from Gilboa prison at dawn on Monday, including Zakaria al-Zubaidi, a leader in the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.

The pioneers of social networking sites launched a trending hashtag titled “Freedom Tunnel” in solidarity and joy at the blow the prisoners had achieved in the face of the occupation, and also distributed sweets to the Prime Time Zone in Palestine to celebrate the prisoners’ escape.

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Prisoners of the Negev prison set fire to their cells

Several Palestinian media reported that Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli Negev prison set their cells on fire, today, Wednesday, in response to punitive measures taken by the occupation authorities against them, since the 6 prisoners escaped from the high-security Gilboa prison two days ago.

In this context, the Palestinian Prisoners Club said, in a press statement today, that the detainees of Section 6 in the Negev Prison set fire to the rooms, in refusal to “harass and threaten to escalate” pursued by the prison administration.

Prisoners of Jihad in the Negev Prison

In this regard, Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper quoted an unnamed official source in the Israeli Prison Service as saying that 7 out of 12 cells containing Islamic Jihad prisoners in the Ketziot Detention Center (Negev) were set on fire.

The newspaper pointed out that this came as a protest from the prisoners against the decision to separate them between the different prisons.

5 of the prisoners who escaped from Gilboa prison belong to the “Jihad” movement; As for the sixth, he is a member of the “Fatah” movement.

With regard to the rest of the prisons, the Palestinian Prisoners Club said that Israeli special units had stormed a number of them, abused the prisoners and transferred a number of them to other prisons.

In his statement, he stated that a state of “extreme tension” prevails in the majority of Israeli prisons, as a result of its administration’s imposition of punitive measures against detainees.

He added that all detainees in all prisons declared that they would “face Israeli punitive measures.”

And on Monday, 6 Palestinian detainees managed to escape from Gilboa prison, using a tunnel from a hole in their cell to get outside the prison.

Palestinians mock the occupation

Israeli media revealed that the Shin Bet security service had received more than 250 calls from unknown persons from segments belonging to the Israeli companies Cellcom and Orange, who provided misleading information about the whereabouts of the prisoners, and during the follow-up process they did not discover anything.

This may indicate that an effort may be funded by the factions from within the West Bank or the Gaza Strip to divert attention from the search and hunt process.

Since the first day of the prison escape operation, the Palestinian factions have called on citizens and shop owners in the West Bank to disable the surveillance cameras and redirect them away from the main streets, destroy the last recordings, and go to points of contact with the Israeli army to destroy the surveillance cameras on the bypass streets and settlement roads under the control of Army.

Which received a response from some by adjusting the angle of the cameras.

Palestinian media outlets circulated videos of Palestinians mocking the Israeli occupation forces about the 6 prisoners released in the Operation Freedom Tunnel in Gilboa Prison.

The circulating video shows a Palestinian youth calling the Israeli emergency number to inform him of the presence of suspects, in an attempt to confuse the occupation forces, which have been searching for two days in combing and search operations for the released prisoners without reaching the tip of the thread.

The young man who called 911 spoke in his sarcastic call that he wanted to report 6 Prime Time Zone suspected to be the liberated prisoners. He said: “I saw six suspects in the area about us, each of whom is pregnant, hanging by his hand.”

And he added sarcastically: “One named Mahmoud and one Zakaria… He took the spoons from them!”

Operation Freedom Tunnel Puzzle

This comes at a time when the security establishment of Tel Aviv is in confusion, two days after the prisoners escaped without finding a trace of them, and the Israeli occupation forces are trying to solve the mystery of Operation “Freedom Tunnel”.

The Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, suggested, in a report, that the six Palestinian prisoners who escaped in the high-security Gilboa prison in Israel had already left the occupied territories and headed towards Jordan, while the occupation forces continue their attempts to trace their tracks. and find them.

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