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A Hebrew report revealed the reasons that prompted Hamas to accept the return of the fugitive Palestinian leader to the Emirates, Muhammad Dahlan, to work in the Gaza Strip, and to allow his men to enter the Strip.

The Hebrew Regional Thought Forum said that the distinguished relations between Dahlan, Egypt and the UAE helped him take steps to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, which prompted Hamas to “swallow the frog.”

The Hebrew Regional Thought Forum noted that on April 13, the Palestinian Mitras website published an article about Dahlan’s activities in the Strip.

Mohammed Dahlan’s men return to the Gaza Strip

He added: “Following 14 years after its departure from it, and following the understandings of 2017, early this year, Palestinian figures and cadres affiliated with Dahlan’s movement returned to the Gaza Strip in succession.”

He continued: “Among them are Rashid Abu Shbak, Maher Miqdad, Tawfiq Abu Khousa, and Ghassan Jadallah, names that have been associated in the memory of Gazans with the events of the internal fighting in 2007.”

The forum says that Muhammad Dahlan is one of the leaders associated with the “war of sedition,” in reference to the events of division that came months after Hamas won the parliamentary elections with a landslide result without being empowered to rule.

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The Mitras website said that the roots of the hostility between the two sides lie in the period when Dahlan served as head of the Palestinian Authority’s Preventive Security Service in the Gaza Strip from 1995 to 2000.

Dahlan’s Preventive Security Service pursued and arrested members, leaders and activists of Hamas, and members of the service searched their homes, mosques, and charities that they had set up, and armed clashes broke out at times between members of both parties.

After Hamas won the 2006 elections, the movement considered Muhammad Dahlan responsible for armed clashes, kidnappings and assassinations in broad daylight and for various forms of persecution of its members.

After Hamas seized power in the Gaza Strip, Dahlan moved to the West Bank and then to the UAE.

A joint Palestinian committee funded by the UAE

Mitras points to the establishment and formation of the “Islamic National Committee for Development and Social Solidarity” as the beginning of a change in relations between Hamas and Dahlan, a charitable foundation funded by the UAE.

Cooperation in that committee was carried out by Hamas and Islamic Jihad with Dahlan’s representatives.

Later, Dahlan’s wife, Jalila, came to the Gaza Strip to work on several humanitarian projects funded by the UAE.

The Hebrew Forum pointed out that the difficult economic situation that Hamas finds itself in due to the closure it has been experiencing since 2007 and the damage caused by the rounds of war with Israel prompted it to allow Dahlan’s men to return to the Strip in exchange for continued humanitarian aid.

For his part, Muhammad Dahlan made moderate political statements about the necessity of allowing Hamas and Islamic Jihad to join the Palestine Liberation Organization.

In the years between 2016-2019, Hamas released some supporters and supporters of Dahlan, but it denied that this was part of the deal with the man.

Amir Tauber, an independent Palestinian researcher, indicated that the Palestinian Authority was not satisfied with these developments, and as a result, Mahmoud Abbas traveled to Turkey and Qatar, the two rival countries of the United Arab Emirates.

There, it seems, he provided evidence of an understanding between Hamas and Dahlan, and that was in 2017, after Sinwar was elected leader of Hamas in Gaza.

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After the Palestinian Authority imposed sanctions on the Gaza Strip, Hamas and Dahlan signed additional agreements allowing Qatari fuel tankers to enter the Strip through the Rafah crossing, and increased Emirati aid, and this cooperation continued between them.

In March 2021, Muhammad Dahlan prepared a shipment of 40,000 doses of the Russian vaccine against the Corona virus and sent it to the Gaza Strip.

Dahlan’s motives

The writer points out that Dahlan’s motives are clear, as he wants to return to the forefront of the political arena and succeed President Abbas. The Matara website wonders about Hamas’ motives for that cooperation?

He answers that it is likely that the prolonged humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip has prompted Hamas to “swallow the frog” and negotiate with Dahlan.

Hamas had hoped to exploit Dahlan’s relations with the Arab Republic of Egypt to ease the siege in which it found itself.

On the other hand, Dahlan is considered an ally of the Emirates, the sworn enemy of the Muslim Brotherhood, to which Hamas belongs.

The site wonders whether Hamas actually trusts Muhammad Dahlan, and whether the results of the Palestinian elections will allow the movement to prevent the Fatah leader from achieving his ambition in power.

About this, some things can be said: First, there are no indications that Palestinian elections will take place in the foreseeable future and it is unlikely that Israel will allow them to be held in Jerusalem, not for fear of a Hamas victory, as it did in 2006, according to the institute.

He continued, “Even if we assume that elections will take place, Dahlan’s list will likely weaken Fatah and will not pose a threat to Hamas’ rule in the Gaza Strip.”

Researcher Tauber pointed out that Dahlan’s approach to the deep enclaves of the UAE will allow him to continue working on the line of contact between the public and commercial sectors in the Gaza Strip.

However, Dahlan is hated by many, whether from Fatah or Hamas, who see him as a corrupt opportunist and traitor, “and it is hard to believe that he will be able to complete his journey to the top and the supreme leadership only with the help, financing and support of foreign countries.”

new friends?

In a related context, the Hebrew “Walla” website asked: Has the enmity between Hamas and Muhammad Dahlan turned into friendships? Alleging that until recently the news seemed fictional

He added: “Dahlan and two of his comrades in Fatah, who were hated by Hamas members for decades and who were expelled from Gaza, stand in line alongside senior members of the organization and Islamic Jihad, and next to one of the UAE princes, Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed (the date of the meeting is not mentioned).”

Among those present at the meeting were Salah Al-Bardawil, Jamal Abu Hashem, Rawhi Mushtaha from Hamas, Khaled Al-Batsh from Islamic Jihad, Majed Abu Shamala, and Ashraf Juma’a from Dahlan’s associates.

The Hebrew website pointed out that this picture is not a coincidence For several months, Dahlan has been working in the Gaza Strip alongside Hamas and Islamic Jihad, providing assistance to the needy families, the wounded and the families of the martyrs of the third war, including the families of Hamas victims.

This aid comes within the framework of the “Islamic National Committee for Social Solidarity,” which meets from time to time in the Gaza Strip and distributes funds to all those in need.

According to the documents and statements of senior members of the committee, all the funding comes from the UAE, which is considered hostile to Hamas, close to Egypt and trying to harm the Muslim Brotherhood.

Israeli journalist Avi Iskharov pointed out that the data that came to the Hebrew Walla website and even that the news revealed a more complex picture.

The UAE is working to transfer huge sums of money to Mohammed Dahlan, who transfers it to the same committee to increase its influence in the Gaza Strip.

In addition, Dahlan essentially joined Hamas members in Gaza to form an alliance against Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Iskharov pointed out that Palestinian sources claim that the relationship between Egypt and Dahlan and between Israel and the same person is also surprising.

According to them, Cairo declares war on Hamas, but it ignores the actions of Dahlan, who works with the movement.

They also claim that Israel allows Dahlan’s representatives to move freely from the West Bank to Gaza and back, with clear knowledge of what they are doing.

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