The General Assembly of “Al Shams Housing” decides to distribute 20 piasters to its shareholders


The Ordinary General Assembly of “Al Shams Housing and Development” decided to pay a cash dividend of 20 piasters per share, with a total value of 36.3 million pounds.

Small shareholders will be disbursed in equal parts in two installments during the months of October and December.

The cash distribution will also be disbursed to major shareholders, including the Holding Company for Construction and Development, the Misr Insurance Company and the Misr Life Insurance Company in two equal installments during the months of February and April 2022 with the availability of cash.

At the beginning of the day, the company revealed Board of Directors contract With the Egyptian Arab Land Bank, it includes the sale of a financial portfolio.

The Board of Directors decided to reconcile with “Al Siddiq Real Estate Investment” in the dispute related to the 12 plots of the Gardenia Al Shams project.

The Board also agreed to complete the payment of the company’s share in the capital of “Real Marketing” company, at the value of the profits obtained from the coupon, and to complete the remaining 180,000 pounds from the company’s account.

The House of Expertise Holding Company – Kamar reduced its share in the capital of Al Shams Housing and Development from 5.288% to 3.745%, in favor of the House of Expertise for Financial Leasing – Technolis.

The company stated in a statement to the Stock Exchange today, that the House of Expertise Holding sold 2.8 million shares of Al Shams Housing shares for 14.616 million pounds.

The average price per share was 5.22 pounds, and Pioneers Securities Brokerage played the role of executing the deal.

The share of Bait El Khebra for Financial Leasing – Technolis in Al Shams Housing, after executing the deal, rose to 1.598 percent instead of 0.055%.

The article, “Al Shams Housing” decided to distribute 20 piasters to its shareholders, was written in Al Borsa newspaper.