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History will mention that September 6, 2021 is the day of the great crossing of the six Palestinian phoenix guerrillas, and a day for the resurrection of the spirit of the Palestinian revolution after it was damaged after the martyrdom of its inspiration and leader, as they succeeded in conquering their prisons and jailers and penetrated the land and crossed towards their freedom in a surreal scene until The greatest Hollywood movies you could not shoot.

It was the process of “crossing,” not escaping, as some call it, from Gilboa Prison, which is fortified with high concrete walls and the latest security technology in surveillance, surrounded by cameras, sensors, and high watchtowers, in which the jailers sit and watch everything that moves inside and outside it, and it is fortified with the strictest human and animal monitoring (dogs). Police), where the jailer comes every quarter of an hour to watch those inside the room, and this jailer counts the number of prisoners three times. And every 6 months, the prisoners are transferred to other sections so that no escape operation is planned, not to mention the difficulty of the surrounding area in terms of geographical terrain such as mountains and plains, which are completely exposed. This operation was tantamount to breaking an integrated Israeli security system that led to the exit of 6 prisoners of freedom.

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Prisoners Escape from Gilboa Prison

Certainly, such an operation would not have succeeded had it not been for the planning, training and organization, in absolute secrecy, despite the entire security system inside the prison, and it would not have succeeded if the perpetrators were stupid, cowardly, or even rash ones. They decided to try to break the walls of their prison, and they succeeded, and here their success should be a lesson to all the Palestinians, especially their divided and separated factions from reality. To rise up and join the ranks of your Prime Time Zone in their resistance to the usurping occupier, and to rise up and dust off your weapons, all your political, military and security weapons, and restore the movement of the rifle, after it was almost worn out from rust, and from the humidity that hit it as a result of its neglect.

The Great Crossing

Whatever the outcome of the great crossing process, whether by reaching a safe place outside the country, or by arrest or martyrdom, this crossing has done its work in our Prime Time Zone and its factions and implanted a revolutionary culture in the hearts of Prime Time Zone that has entered joy after long years of sadness due to the Palestinian division and its political and social consequences.

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What is required is to mobilize the national situation so that this process is like the run-over incident that ignited the most important uprising in the history of our Prime Time Zone from 1987 to 1993. This heroic process must establish what is much larger and more comprehensive in the course of the Palestinian cause, which is in dire need of rearranging its policies, tactics and work strategies.

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