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The name of the American young man, Cameron Heron, topped social networking sites, after the spread of a video of him receiving a 24-year prison sentence after causing the death of a mother and her baby.

The details of the story go back to 2018, when he decided Cameron Heron He races his Ford Mustang, with a friend, when they stop at a red light, on their way to the exercise hall, in Florida, USA.

During the race, I encountered a car Cameron Heron who was traveling at a speed of 160 km, and his friend was a woman who was crossing the street with a stroller, with her baby girl inside, to run over them Cameron Heron Although he tried to get out of the way.

The court issued a ruling on Cameron HeronHe was sentenced to 24 years in prison last April for the double murder of a mother and her child.

sympathize with Cameron Heron!

The story is back Cameron HeronRecently, it has spread in Arab countries, and the hashtag (Cameron_Hearen) has topped the trend, and activists have started publishing photos and videos showing his shock and crying after receiving the verdict.

The videos also show Cameru’s mother Heren comforting him, while the girls sympathized with him through the hashtag because of his handsomeness, calling for his release.

In the comments of the girls, it was stated: (I feel it is worthy of being forbidden).

In the same way, another wrote: (It is forbidden for you to go out).

And a tweet commented: (It is forbidden that they took him out if it was intentional).

Another explained the dimensions of the sentence against Hearin, and wrote: (The first charge is 9 years, the second charge is 15 years, the total is 24 years, the prison of the Mazyoun weaves forbidden, God).

And with the same phrase, another wrote: (It is forbidden for the beauty to weave them).

Another demanded that she be imprisoned instead of Herin, and wrote: (Oh my God, by death, imprison me for his ransom, this is forbidden, he feels sad).

While others attacked sympathizers with Cameron Hearn, an activist wrote: (Sorry, but someone thought about the feeling of a father losing his family and seeing you, demanding that he get out of prison because you see it as “sweet forbidden”!

While another wrote the ruling on loving (the infidels), as he put it, and said: (Love of the infidels and the polytheists is forbidden because they are the enemies of God. Those are the evil of the wilderness) and listen to what the scholar Ibn Uthaymeen says when he talks about this subject.)

And he published the last picture of Herin next to the picture of Khaled Al-Dosari, who is also detained in America, and wrote: (The story is not beautiful or not, but the period is exaggerated. It is forbidden for young Prime Time Zone to go to such and such a bit of humanity).

Others demanded that the tweeters shed light on the story of Khaled Al-Dosari, and saw that he was the first to defend him before them.

A tweeter wrote: (The one who deserves the pause is Khaled Al-Dosari, the Arab Muslim, and what is the infidel and the American).

Another wrote: “Cameron Hearn, is this what he’s doing right now? Why am I pointing at fools like you? Yes, is he tagging a trend with us? And your son has been imprisoned for how many years. I don’t see anyone who has spoken and his eyes don’t have to be sweet in order to defend him and raise hashtags. God is backward and ignorant. It is not normal.” ).

The case of Khaled Al-Dosari

This prompted Saudi activists to recall the case of Khaled Al-Dosari, attacking the “Netflix” company, which specializes in producing films and television programs, after producing a film that justified his arrest.

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The pioneers of social networking sites launched a hashtag bearing the name of the Saudi detainee, calling for his release, stressing that Al-Dosari was subjected to severe injustice by the United States.

The hashtag topped the trend in Saudi Arabia on the social networking site “Twitter”, amid great interaction by the Saudis with the Al-Dosari case.

Who is Khaled Al-Dossary?

Al-Dossary is a university student from Saudi Arabia who was sent in 2008 to study in Texas, USA.

He was arrested on February 28, 2011, and charged with “manufacturing explosive chemicals.”

Then the charge was reduced to one charge of “possession of weapons of mass destruction” and he was tried and sentenced to life imprisonment, according to “Wikipedia”.

Netflix, the company specialized in producing films and television programs, and distributing video over the Internet, produced a movie called “The Bomb Maker Student” in 2020.

A suspicious online purchase comes to the aid of the FBI to begin its investigation into a chemical engineering student’s attempt to do horrific harm to America, Netflix published a profile of him saying.

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