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The hatred of the Emirates did not stop .. Abu Dhabi’s latest plans to undermine Doha’s reputation | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Activists monitored what they described as the intention of the UAE to incite Qatar through an encyclopedia.Wikipedia“Digital and allegedly linked to terrorism.

The digital encyclopedia published an article funded by an Emirati recently, entitled (Qatar and the State that Sponsors Terrorism).

The article, which targets foreign readers in Europe and the United States, claimed that Qatar is financing terrorist organizations in various countries.

It claimed, according to what was reported by the “Emirates Leaks” website, that “Qatar was accused of allowing financiers of terrorism to operate within its borders, which were one.” One of the justifications for the diplomatic crisis in the Gulf ”that began in 2017.

The article included references that Qatar has ties to the Palestinian resistance factions, and an attempt to distort its struggle against the Israeli occupation.

Emirates conspire to isolate Qatar

A British investigation recently revealed that The UAE is conspiring For many years on the regional stage, in order to isolate Qatar politically and regionally.

According to an investigation published by the British Daily Times newspaper, it said that Abu Dhabi considers its primary interest to isolate Qatar from the rest. Countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

And what came in the investigation published by the British newspaper that “when Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman moved to the side of the ruler of the Emirates. Mohammed bin Zayed v. Qatar in late 2017, the indictment against Doha was loose and illogical. ”

Accusations were brought against Qatar for supporting Iran and Islamic groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood.

This led Qatar’s neighbors to believe that through that blockade, Qatar will be forced to stop its foreign policies.

Strengthening Qatar’s position

However, during the period of the Saudi-led blockade, Qatar signed new military, security and economic agreements with several countries.

Qatar’s economic underpinnings also remain intact, as evidenced by its high ratings by major economic rating agencies.

In addition, several reforms have been made recently between Qatar and the Saudi-led bloc, as the effectiveness of the blockade has proven to be completely useless.

This prompted Saudi Arabia to go to the square of reconciliation with Qatar, coinciding with the forty-first summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council that was held. On the fifth of January in the Saudi city of Al-Ula.

The result of the Gulf reconciliation was the emergence of Qatar as a clear winner at that stage, as it did not submit to Arab pressure against it.

The blockade has also facilitated Qatar’s disengagement of its foreign policy from the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, which is dominated by Saudi Arabia, and it has also succeeded in creating strategic relations, including its relationship with Turkey.

Qatar’s position is stronger than it was at the beginning of the blockade

The matter did not end when Saudi Arabia and the UAE were forced to retreat from their demands and conditions to solve the Gulf crisis, but rather they gave up as well. On Qatar’s increasing independence within the Gulf Cooperation Council.

In addition, Doha was able to deliver a strong message to its strong competitor, the Emirates, that the end of the Gulf crisis was. As a blow to Abu Dhabi’s agenda, which it is working on against Doha.

Abu Dhabi was actively seeking to see Qatar isolated from the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Doha now enjoys international prestige as a regional mediator and an important country in regional power dynamics.

Qatar also has many capabilities that enable it to become a prominent negotiator and arbitrator in the region.

After all these facts, the UAE suffered a miserable failure to undermine and isolate Qatar, and it was unable to achieve any of the goals it sought in this context.

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