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The image of Nancy Ajram and her mother-in-law is causing a sensation in Lebanon A nation is tweeting out of tune


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A picture of the Lebanese artist, Nancy Ajram, and her mother-in-law, the mother of her husband, Doctor Fadi Al-Hashem, topped the social networking sites.


And the image, whose source was not known, spread strongly after the spread of news that the artist’s mother-in-law was exposed to a health problem and needed supplication and prayer to improve quickly.

Nancy Ajram and her mother-in-law

This matter has not been confirmed by any reliable source of the Lebanese actress, and the details of the disease that afflicted Mrs. Jamila have not been revealed.

Corona Virus

In the context, some pages indicated that it is likely that she was infected with the emerging corona virus, which has spread strongly in Lebanon.

It is noteworthy that Nassi Ajram recently celebrated the birthday of her youngest daughter “Leah”, with her husband Fadi Al-Hashem and her daughters Mila and Ella, and the ceremony was limited to her small family only, due to the spread of the new Corona virus.

Million Drake likes

About a month ago, the Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram received the Million Shield of admiration from “Anghami”, after her song “Am Attaching You” won the highest number of likes since the site was established.

Nancy Ajram participated through the story feature on her official account in “Instagram”, the image of the shield, and said: “I am happy with the success and honor, especially when its first and last source is the audience.

This is renewed through the Million Shield of Love for the song “I’m Attaching You” from Anghami, the platform that everyone loves and loves. In the end, loving Prime Time Zone always remains the true honor of every artist.

Nancy makes an important statement

And last month, the Lebanese singer, Nancy Ajram, released an important statement that includes an explanation for all of her fans.

Ajram denied, through the statement issued by her media office, the news about her willingness to travel to the French capital, Paris, to hold a concert in February at the famous “Olympia” theater.

The statement, which Nancy Ajram shared on her Twitter account, said: “The office of the artist Nancy Ajram is important. To clarify that all the news circulating about her preparations to hold a concert at the Olympia in Paris in February is incorrect.

The statement stated that “the ceremony had been postponed due to the current situation and the repercussions of the emerging” Corona “virus, and a later date for the ceremony will be officially announced when it is determined.

It is noteworthy that the Lebanese singer, Elisa, performed in November at a concert at the Olympia stage in November 2019, and danced on his stage barefoot.

Nancy Ajram had performed at the New Year’s Eve party in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, which was broadcast on the Egyptian “DMC” satellite channel.

Last year, it performed the first concert on the video platform TikTok, which was broadcast by MBC 4 on the occasion of the Christmas holidays on December 25.

Nancy Ajram and Elissa

About three months ago, the Lebanese singer Elissa expressed her regret that she had mortgaged herself during her career to companies. She had a monopoly on the production of her artwork.

Elissa revealed her wish if she was the only executor of her work, and she has the sole right to dispose of her songs.

Elisa’s words express the condition of many Lebanese and Arab artists who handed over their necks to the Arab production companies that invaded the art scene. For nearly decades, it relied on a monopoly and registered artistic productions in its name.

However, some artists have changed this strategy and become independently dependent.

Although there are few examples, such as the Tunisian artist Latifa who owns her artistic productions, and Ragheb Alama, who became an owner. And the producer of all his artworks through his company “Backstage”, which he founded along with his brother Khadr Alama.

Likewise, the artist Nancy Ajram, who started her artistic career 20 years ago with the “Relax Inn” company led by Mahmoud Moussa.

The work of Nancy Ajram

But Ajram relied later on managing its business on its own. She established a private company to exclusively own her works and albums. To distribute them according to the appropriate promotion plan, without any monopoly contract or complete assignment of this business.

With this policy, Ajram was able to employ her artistic productions to her own advantage, through individual communication with the platforms. And electronic applications, to gain more followers.

A few days ago, Anghami, the Arab platform that broadcasts Nancy Ajram’s songs, announced a record for the Lebanese singer. In terms of the likes of the song “I am attached to you”, which exceeded a million likes.

The song itself also attracted more than 27 million listeners.

These data show Ajram’s progress over her rival Elissa, who was banned from broadcasting her songs on the same platform. And that was 3 years ago, following the special deal signed by the “Rotana” company with the French company “Deezer”, which owns the exclusive broadcast of the songs of the affiliates of “Rotana”.

This hurt Elissa’s status on the “Anghami” platform, as the latter removed all productions for Elissa and affiliated with it. Rotana Company from its platform.

However, this did not prevent Elissa from achieving success on other downloads and platforms that are no less important than Anghami. She was able. Her songs, for example, can achieve high levels of listening on the “YouTube” download.

Ajram’s victory is recorded through “Anghami” against Elissa, in a cold response to the latter’s saying that she is the Arab artist who achieves the highest levels of listening.

However, observers expect that an upcoming artistic war will take place between artists and production companies that acquire artistic productions.

This war will not be limited to the song sector, but will extend to Arab drama, which in recent years has turned into the arena of promotion. The primary, and the first way to make profits on alternative platforms.

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The image of Nancy Ajram and her mother-in-law is causing a sensation in Lebanon  A nation is tweeting out of tune