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The image of Saddam Hussein in the condolences of Muhammad Uraibi raises a sensation | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Social networking sites prevailed in Iraq and the Arab world, a wave of widespread controversy, after the circulation of pictures showing a great insult to the late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, at the condolences of Judge Muhammad Uraibi, who was sentenced to death.

Saddam Hussein on the ground

The widely circulated pictures showed the family of the Iraqi judge, who died a few days ago from the Coronavirus, putting up a picture. To Saddam Hussein on the ground until the mourners trample it with their feet.

These pictures, from the condolences of Muhammad Oraibi, sparked widespread controversy among the activists, most of whom expressed their anger at this insulting scene of the late Arab leader.

Some emphasized the prohibition of this matter and the insult of a person who had left the world and his command to his Lord, even if some disagreed with him, according to their description.

The death of Saddam’s trial judge

It is noteworthy that a few days ago, Muhammad Uribi Majeed al-Khalifa, a trial judge, passed away Iraqi President The late Saddam Hussein. He was affected by the Coronavirus at the age of 52.

A medical source confirmed that Uribi died due to complications in his health after being infected with the new Corona virus, confirming that his health condition. It has been deteriorating in recent days.

Muhammad Uraibi was appointed as an investigative judge at the Iraqi High Criminal Court in the trial of former President Saddam Hussein, on August 1, 2004.

He also presided over the second body of the Supreme Iraqi Criminal Court in September 2006, which examined the Anfal cases, the suppression of the popular uprising, the bombing of Halabja, and the liquidation of religious parties.

Who is Muhammad Al-Oraibi?

Judge Muhammad Al-Araibi was born in the eastern Karrada district of Baghdad in 1969.

He entered the College of Law at the University of Baghdad in 1987 and graduated in the year 199.

On October 3, 1992, he practiced the legal profession, and in September 14, 1998, he entered the Judicial Institute and graduated with the 23rd session, and in September 23, 2000.

A judge was appointed by a presidential decree, according to Iraqi government websites.

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