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prepared a newspaper”The IndependentThe British, an extensive report on the September 11 attacks that changed the features of the entire world, noting that the peoples of the Middle East and North Africa, as was the case of other countries, were stunned by the scenes of those attacks that Al-Qaeda declared “internationally equitable on the lists of terrorism”, but they were Experiencing a state of terror in particular.

The report pointed to fears that prevailed, fearing that the al-Qaeda attack would lead to a strong and destructive US military response in the Middle East.

9/11 attacks and the story of the Iraqis

In Baghdad, as news of the attacks spread, shops and roads were emptied and residents remained inside their homes, according to the report.

It quoted an Iraqi as saying, recalling the attacks: “I was going back to my house and no one was moving on the ground – there were only security patrols.”

“Everyone was expecting an attack within seconds,” he added.

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These fears were valid, the newspaper said. Within hours of the 9/11 attacks, while still helping survivors of the Pentagon attack, then-US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld began to excite his aides to come up with ways to link Osama bin Laden’s planned attacks to Iraq. , according to notes taken by an aide and obtained by CBS News.

She added that Bush had brought in a group of “Prime Time Zone obsessed with the Middle East and the Islamic world to shape Washington’s foreign policy.” He said they saw Iraq as a place to implement their vision.

Does Saddam Hussein have anything to do with this?!

In the eighteen months between 9/11 and the eventual “catastrophic” American invasion and occupation in 2003, American policy makers made attempts, according to the newspaper, to link Saddam Hussein to the attacks while promoting the idea that he was secretly collecting weapons of mass destruction.

The newspaper said that French President Jacques Chirac urged George W. Bush at the time to stay away from it. The Secretary-General of the League of Arab States at the time, Amr Moussa, predicted that the American invasion would “open the gates of hell.”

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder warned that the war “will lead to the deaths of thousands of innocent children, women and men.”

She pointed out that the catastrophic consequences of the rapid and violent invasion exacerbated with time. The Americans tried to occupy and run a nation they “know nothing about on the cheap”. The looting continued for weeks, according to the newspaper, and caught fire. The entire Iraqi state disintegrated, and then collapsed after Paul Bremer dissolved the Iraqi army.

No weapons of mass destruction were found.

Bush finally admitted in 2006 that Saddam had nothing to do with the events of September 11, and that those who provided this information from his team “never made a convincing argument that he had any ties with al-Qaeda,” according to the newspaper.

By then, Iraq had become a magnet for al-Qaeda, with the growing insurgency against the US invasion as well as the outbreak of a sectarian civil war in the country, the newspaper said.

This is what America’s decisions to invade the Arab countries did

The Independent considered that the West’s conquest of Arab land “inspired jihadists from all over the world as well as angry Iraqis to take up arms against an occupier who is holed up behind forts made of explosive walls and barbed wire.”

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She added that “incompetence and mismanagement left ungoverned spaces and allowed armed extremist groups to flourish, especially after the collapse of government control in northern Syria, which led to the birth of a dynasty of al-Qaeda, ISIS, which caused another war in Iraq.”

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