“The Interior Ministry is thugs” … Demonstrations in Egypt after a police officer killed a citizen who was seeking “a living.” A nation is tweeting out of tune


The killing of a young man at the hands of a police officer sparked massive demonstrations in the village of “Manshaet al-Karam” in Shebin al-Qanater district in the Egyptian governorate of Qalyubia.

Social media users transmitted video clips documenting the demonstrations, which expressed anger over the killing of the young man, Muhammad Yusuf. “34 years old, by a police officer from Shebin El-Qanater police station.

The families also explained that 2 policemen, along with the officer, entered the young man at his workplace in a poultry shop, so that the officer hit him in the back. His pistol until he died, and they left him dead and left.

The killing of the young Muhammad Yusef sparked the anger of the villagers, who held demonstrations by hundreds, chanting slogans: “We want his rights.” The interior is thieves, and the interior is thugs.

And the villagers expelled the parliamentarian who is close to the Sisi regime, Muhammad Badr, known as “Banjo”, from the village, insulting him. While some of them tried to assault him as well.

Wave of jitter

The incident of killing the young man in this way by the Egyptian police officer also caused a massive wave of anger on social media.

Many activists and human rights figures commented on the incident.

Among them was Haitham Abu Khalil, who tweeted: “Where are human rights? Muhammad Yusef Abdulaziz, 34, was killed as a result of an attack. Until death on his head with the heel of Tabnaja from the investigative officer of the Shebin al-Qanater Center, inside the shop he owned in the village of Munsha’at al-Karam.

He also added: “There is widespread anger among the Prime Time Zone and the beating and beating of Mahmoud Banjo and expelling him when trying to calm the angry!”

Meanwhile, journalist Ahmed Atwan commented on the incident, saying: “The Sisi regime is upset by the international statement about the waste of human rights in Egypt and by whom. In order to provide evidence that it respects the human rights and duties of Egyptians. A police officer in Shebin al-Qanater district. By killing a 34-year-old man working in a poultry shop by hitting him with the heel of his pistol until he died in the village of Manha`at Al-Karam.

International condemnations

The incident of killing the young man came at the hand Police officer Days after a state of sharp criticism launched by human rights organizations against Egypt.

The human rights situation in Egypt prompted 31 countries to issue a joint statement last Friday, in which they called on the Egyptian authorities to push back the restrictions. Imposed on the media and the release of all journalists.

The statement also urged Cairo to cooperate constructively with the Office of the High Commissioner and the United Nations.

Finland’s ambassador to the Human Rights Council, Kirsty Kaubi, commented on the topic: “We urge Egypt to make space for civil society. – Including human rights defenders – to work without fear of intimidation, harassment or arrest. Or detention or any other form of retaliation. ”

Meanwhile, Amnesty International’s representative to the United Nations, Kevin Whelan, commented that the human rights situation is continuously deteriorating. And that there is collective action. Concerning Egypt in the Human Rights Council.

He considered that “this is a very important step, and we are in the stage where the survival of the human rights movement in Egypt is at stake.”

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