The investigation of a well-known Kuwaiti journalist who published shameless pictures and caused a sensation | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Kuwait released a well-known media person with a financial guarantee, after publishing shameless images on her social media accounts.

Informational outrage public modesty

The Kuwaiti newspaper “Al-Rai” stated that the Public Prosecution released the broadcaster, whose name was not mentioned, after she stated during the investigations that she had not intentionally violated public decency with her pictures.

The media had published pictures on her account in the cyberspace, in which the detectives found that they were not worthy of public morals and did not belong. To the customs and traditions of the conservative Kuwaiti society, which forced them to summon her and refer her to the Public Prosecution Office directly for investigation of her intentional outrage of modesty.

Although the newspaper did not mention the name of the journalist, and only indicated that she was famous, the famous “Shaheen” account revealed that the one intended was the Kuwaiti journalist Halima Boland.

Shaheen’s account published a picture of Halima Boland, accompanied by a comment: “The Public Prosecution Office is investigating Halima Boland after continuing to publish clips that infringe public decency.”

Halima Boland always appears boldly on social media, choosing certain angles for filming to focus on highlighting her charms.

Halima Boland showing off her body

Halima Boland caused widespread controversy after she published a clip expressing her grief over the cancellation of the Hajj season, and hours later, she appeared in a clip. Another wears it bold outfits.

Followers expressed their anger at the image and disapproved of Halima Boland’s contradictory behavior.

And in her first appearance after the scandal she suffered as a result of the Kuwaiti Attorney General announcing her name among 12 Kuwaiti celebrities involved. With money laundering cases, Halima Boland went out to respond to the accusations against her in a video clip that she posted on her social media accounts.

What is remarkable is that Halima appeared from her house wearing bold clothes that looked like a nightgown, and said at the time: “First of all, I would love to thank everyone who asked. About me in all parts of the Arab countries.

Halima Boland continued at the time, with tension and concern appearing to him: “Secondly, thank God, we are in a state of institutions, a constitution and law, and no one is above the law. Because we are all equal and we respect the integrity of Kuwaiti law. ”

She added, “Almost two weeks ago, I spoke on my program Here, Kuwait … and demanded the enactment of strict laws to combat corruption, which is the crime of money laundering.” Today, I thank them for fighting corruption. ”

She went on to defend herself, swearing by God, saying: “By God, if I were to participate in this heinous crime against my country .. I hope to be the first. I am held accountable and they are taking severe punishment. ”

It was a long time ago, my interior

In a related context, the Kuwaiti media, Mai Al-Eidan, published a video clip on her Instagram account, in which she mocked the appearance of Halima Boland with clothes that arrived. To her neck, unlike her habit, and May attributed that to the recent Kuwaiti Interior Ministry campaign against fascists.

At the time, “Al-Eidan” mentioned in the video clip the appearance of Halima and indicated that she wears modest clothes that reach the neck. Pointing out that she was baptized. To that, after the campaign launched by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior against fascists who, according to her saying, violate public morals.

May commented sarcastically at the time: “The thing that made me laugh and killed me was the frank laugh after the gift that has now become from the interior

To them a thousand greetings and peace, Halima Boland. She wore it to me, group (pointing to the top of her neck). I think if you would give her a week Halima wears the veil. She added, “It was a long time ago, my interior.”

The criminal security sector in Kuwait recently launched a campaign against indecent content posted on social media.

He was among those detained. Kuwaiti fascist Sarah Al-Kandari, who was arrested for 21 days pending investigation, on charges of publishing clips that were described as bold and in violation of public morals.

At the time, Sarah Al-Kandari and her husband Ahmed Al-Anzi were sentenced to two years in prison with a bail of $ 3,300 to stop the execution of the punishment, on charges of violating public morals.

The Criminal Court in Kuwait also ordered the seizure of the owner of the “Hawa World” website, after she published films with her husband without his knowledge and other films of her.

Sazdel and Sherine Bahman, too

The Lebanese broadcaster Sazdel and the Iranian fashionista Sherine Bahman were deported. Because of their bold passages, which were described as “destructive of public modesty.”

The Public Prosecution in Kuwait also summoned the fascist and Jordanian actress Sawsan Haroun, because of the shameless videos.

Kuwaiti Interior is reaping fruits

And the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior began reaping the fruits of its campaign against indecent content that is published on social media.

Earlier, Kuwaiti media quoted an informed security source as saying that the criminal security sector. He recently detected commitment by accustomed activists. To broadcast vulgar and vulgar videos and intrusive behaviors to Kuwaiti society.

The source said at the time: “We and all those who follow the media saw that many celebrities began to review their accounts and got rid of vulgarity.”

He continued: “And that after the Ministry of the Interior showed firmness and referred Kuwaiti celebrities to the prosecution and arrested imitating the opposite sex. It banished expatriates and immigrants who publicly published inappropriate websites and pictures on their accounts despite their fame.

The source emphasized that no retreat after today from the prosecution and follow-up of anyone who is publishing something that offends public decency, and things that are not right to be available to be seen by everyone.

The source pointed out that there are established customs and traditions that cannot be overlooked, and there is a difference between freedom and the publication of what contradicts customs and traditions and broadcasting clips in order to increase the number of followers only.

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