The Investors Union assigns the organization of its exhibitions to a British company


The Egyptian Federation of Investors Associations assigned the task of organizing and setting up its exhibitions to the British Orion group London for exhibitions and conferences, headed by Smith Connor.

Dr. Muharram Hilal, Chairman of the Federation’s Board of Directors, said that the members approved a new strategy that would contribute to promoting the products of its affiliated companies and factories in the local market and for export.

Helal added to the Stock Exchange that the union will sign the agreement contracts with Connor Company tomorrow (Wednesday), provided that the contracts include a clause specifying 10% of the profits of those exhibitions for the Long Live Egypt Fund.

The agreement also includes providing databases on companies participating in exhibitions, and exchanging information, with the aim of reaching the best marketing formulation for Egyptian products, inside and outside Egypt.

Helal stated that the union includes 45 investor associations with about 40,000 industrial facilities, which are most of the companies operating in Egypt. Therefore, motivating these companies to participate in local and international exhibitions and sign export contracts will reflect positively on Egyptian exports.

He explained that the government is keen on overcoming obstacles for investors, providing the necessary facilities to support the industrial sector, and deepening local manufacturing.

The article, “The Investors Union” assigns the organization of its exhibitions to a British company, which was written in Al Borsa newspaper.