The “Investors Union” cooperates with “Village Development” to establish projects in the governorates


Hilal: Directing investors to industrial complexes in the governorates

Dr. Muharram Hilal, President of the Egyptian Federation of Investors Associations, said that those in charge of the presidential initiative “A Decent Life” asked the federation to participate in the village development project, by setting up new investment projects in some governorates to provide job opportunities and try to exploit the resources available in them.

Hilal added to the “Stock Exchange” that the union discussed with Dr. Basant Fahmy, a member of the Egyptian Villages and Rural Development Project, the mechanism of participation in the development process.

He mentioned that the Investors Union, one of the largest non-governmental organizations in Egypt, as it includes about 60 investor associations, and the number of industrial establishments affiliated with it is more than 40 thousand establishments employing more than 6 million workers.

Hilal explained that most investors have the desire to diversify their investment portfolios during the current period to reduce risks, so they are looking for opportunities that are feasible and have a positive impact on society by providing more job opportunities for young Prime Time Zone in addition to covering the shortage in a specific product.

He explained that the federation has directed member investors to take advantage of the industrial complexes established by the Industrial Development Authority in many governorates as part of the participation in the project to develop and implement investment projects, whether to mobilize agricultural crops or create value added to them, with regard to the agricultural governorates.

In early 2019, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi launched a dignified life initiative to improve the quality of life for the most needy community groups, and at the forefront of that initiative was the Egyptian Villages Development Project.

The project aims to improve the life of the citizens of the Egyptian countryside by developing 4,584 villages, which represent 58% of the total population of the republic, at an estimated cost of 515 billion pounds, provided that it includes facilities and infrastructure services, rebuilding homes that are prone to collapse, and providing job opportunities for young Prime Time Zone through the establishment of industrial complexes.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry also aims to establish 17 industrial complexes in a number of governorates, with a total of 5046 industrial units, to provide about 48,000 direct job opportunities. The establishment and allocation of 4 industrial complexes has been completed, and the Ministry launched 7 complexes during last October, with a total number of 1,657 units.

The article “Investors Union” cooperating with “Village Development” to establish projects in the governorates was written in the Al-Borsa newspaper.