The Israeli army destroys Hanadi Tower, the largest residential building in Gaza, and Al-Qassam will respond in Tel Aviv A nation is tweeting out of tune


On Tuesday evening, Israeli occupation planes bombed the Hanadi Tower, the largest tower in the Gaza Strip, which consists of 12 floors, with several missiles, which led to its complete destruction.

The bombing of Hanadi Tower

Local sources said that the Israeli aircraft completely destroyed the Hanadi tower, without any injuries among the citizens, except for severe material damage to the citizens’ homes adjacent to the tower.

The sources added that the security services evacuated the residents of the Hanadi residential tower before bombing it, as the Israeli intelligence sent warning messages to the residents of the tower two hours before the bombing, after which it was evacuated.

Al-Qassam Brigades warns Netanyahu

AndAbu Ubaida, a spokesman for the “Al-Qassam Brigades”, the military wing of the Palestinian “Hamas” movement, said that Tel Aviv would be on schedule with a severe missile strike if Israel bombed civilian towers in the Gaza Strip.

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Abu Ubaida added, “If the enemy persists and bombed civilian towers, Tel Aviv will be on a date with a harsh missile strike that exceeds what happened in Ashkelon.”

The resistance continues its response to the Israeli aggression

The Palestinian resistance continues to fire rockets from the Gaza Strip on Israeli cities and towns, in response to the continued bombing of Gaza, which has killed a number of Palestinians, including women and children.

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The Ministry of Health in Gaza said, in the last update at 5:25 pm, that 28 martyrs, including 10 children, were recorded, in addition to the injury of 152 civilians with various injuries.

Palestinian sources said that a man and his wife were killed and three civilians were wounded. They were all taken to Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.

A Palestinian woman was also killed and several others were wounded by Israeli shelling north of Gaza City, which brings the number of martyrs to 28 and more than 140 injuries.

The list of Gaza martyrs is increasing

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Ashraf Al-Qidra, said, on Tuesday, that the total number of martyrs since the beginning of the aggression on the Strip reached 26 martyrs, including 9 children and a woman, and 122 injuries, 12.3% of which were classified as severe injuries, 31% moderate injuries, and 56. 6% were slightly injured, and 41 children were injured.

Ashkelon and Ashdod bombed, killing and wounding settlers

The Palestinian resistance managed, in record time, to launch (137) rockets towards the occupied towns of Ashkelon and Ashdod, which resulted in two deaths among the settlers and a large number of injuries.

The Hebrew news channel “12” said that an Israeli citizen was killed by a shell that fell directly on a house in Ashkelon (19 km from Gaza).

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She added, “Later, another Israeli woman was declared dead, who was seriously wounded by the same shell.”

She explained that “the information indicates the existence of 5 other injuries,” without explaining the extent of their severity.

There was no statement from the Israeli police regarding the incident, until 12:50 GMT.

The channel reported that Palestinians fired 137 rockets from the Gaza Strip at Ashdod (38 km from Gaza), Ashkelon, and nearby areas within 5 minutes, today.

There was no statement from the Israeli army regarding the number of rockets fired this afternoon. However, the Palestinian factions reported releasing dozens of them in response to the aggression on the Strip.

Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, said it alone fired 177 rockets.

On the same level, the Israeli police said, in a statement, that the rockets hit two sites in Ashdod and 6 in Ashkelon.

And it indicated that it had closed the sites that were damaged as a result of the missiles.

It did not clarify the nature of the injuries in both cities, but the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation indicated that a house was hit in Ashdod and another in Ashkelon.

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