The Jordanian “GBC” radio takes this decision against its broadcaster, Mahmoud Al-Hawyan | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Jordanian “GBC” radio apologized for the “offense” carried out by the broadcaster Mahmoud Al-Hawyan. For a retired military man who had hosted him, and his conversation with him caused a wave of controversy on the communication sites in Jordan.

Stop the “Citizen Voice” program

And according to Jordanian accounts, the Jordanian Broadcasting Channels Administration, “GBC”, decided to stop the morning program “Voice of the Citizen.” Which is presented by Mahmoud Al-Hawyan, on the radio, starting tomorrow, Monday.

The “Jordan Net” account on Twitter revealed that this decision came after the state of controversy sparked by “Al-Hawyan” response to a call from a citizen.

The radio said in its statement: “As the Jordanian broadcasting channels and GBC Radio announce their apologies to the homeland and to the Jordanian Prime Time Zone. And for the retired military brothers to reiterate that they are a sincere and faithful companion of our military and security institutions.

With the follow-up that the radio “will never allow offense to the retired who have destroyed the flowers of their youth in defending Jordan’s life and its redeemed throne.”

The Jordanian broadcaster, Mahmoud Al-Hawyan, had caused a wave of anger among Jordanian observers and activists. After the abuse of a retired military complain. From poor economic conditions, during a phone call on the radio.

The clip, which was monitored by Watan, documented the retired military’s interview with the broadcaster “Mahmoud Al-Hawyan,” during which he complained about the difficult economic conditions. And that he has a number of children who cannot find enough to spend on them.

The broadcaster’s response to him was that why does he complain about difficult situations as long as he has a number of children? And why does he not make them work? The retiree’s response was that his children are all children under the age of 14.

To answer Mahmoud Al-Hawyan to the military retired, why does he not work as long as he is of this age, and he began to list models for him from a neighbor with a severed leg who works for his daily sustenance.

Angry reactions

This was considered by the observers as oppression and infringement of the rights of the military retired, and an attempt to justify bad dealings with him by the Jordanian authorities. By connecting it to this poor economic and living standard.

The reactions by the tweeters were mixed, as some of them saw that the Jordanian broadcaster’s talk is an insufficient justification for the poor living situation that the military retired suffers from.

One of the tweeters said on the subject: “They will convince you that poverty is not a defect, that God loves the poor more, and that the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, was poor, that contentment is an indestructible treasure, that asceticism is a virtue, that greed is vice, and that kindness is the capital of the poor, a beautiful kind From drugs, it will make you enjoy your poverty, relish your need, be satisfied with your weakness and your helplessness.

Another tweet said: “I don’t think the broadcaster is wrong, but we are too emotional and we want any situation to be dragged and applauded.”

He continued: “He recounted examples of their conditions being more difficult than Al-Askari, and it is permissible to shorten the sweet word, but what was wrong and his words was appropriate.”

One activist wrote: “I wish they are agitated by the corruption, favoritism and secrecy that they plunder the country and plunder the citizen’s food. I wish him with the same magnanimity and jealousy of the homeland towards the high taxes that are narrowing the Prime Time Zone’s food for that day.

It should be noted that the population of Jordan exceeds eight million, including 3.3 million manpower available for work.

2.8 million Prime Time Zone are fit for military service, while the annual recruitment age reaches 143,000 Prime Time Zone.

Retired soldiers from the Jordanian government live in poor economic conditions, due to the low monthly salary they receive.

And that is after spending years of their life in military service, and having no means of livelihood for them except it. Or a profession they learned during their younger years. That went in the Jordanian military service.

From time to time, appeals are made to Jordanian retired soldiers who complain of poor and difficult living conditions.

We wish that they would be considered by the Jordanian leadership, by improving their living conditions.

The most difficult economic crisis in Jordan

Jordan today faces one of the most difficult economic crises it has faced since its establishment, due to the negative repercussions resulting from the Corona crisis. Where the average deficit in the public budget during the first half of last year 2020 was recorded at about 98%, reaching $ 1.58 billion, compared to about $ 800 million for the same period of 2019, according to the statistics of the Jordanian Ministry of Finance.

And a new Jordanian government came in a difficult economic situation, in light of the spread of the virus crisis in the country, and expectations that the rate of contraction will reach. The Jordanian economy will reach 5% by the end of 2020, after expectations were 3.7%, according to the World Economic Outlook report issued by the International Monetary Fund.

According to experts, the new Jordanian government must take urgent measures and steps to avoid the deepening of the financial crisis, and to adopt innovative monetary policies. In partnership with the private sector, and approving a new general budget for the year 2021 that is based on scientific and rational foundations. According to a report published by the “TRT Arabic” website.

A gap in domestic growth

Former Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Jawad Al-Anani said that there is near consensus among economists in the world that the year 2021 will not be less than 2020 on the economic side, due to the continuing impact of the Corona pandemic on the global economy.

Al-Anani also indicated that if the world had reached a vaccine against the virus during the first half of 2021, the features of life in the body of the global economy might gradually return. As for if the world remains in this state, then it will directly affect the economy in terms of oil prices, to remain at their current levels.

He pointed out that Jordan will naturally be affected by all the changes that may occur in terms of the volume of investment, remittances of expatriates, and unemployment. And other matters that will cast a shadow over the Jordanian economy.

International Monetary Fund

Al-Anani added that the International Monetary Fund’s forecasts regarding the contraction of the Jordanian economy by the end of 2020 had increased to 5%. After it was 3.7%, which means that the Jordanian government will find itself facing a real problem and a gap in achieving growth that may reach 7-8%.

Al-Anani gave several examples, saying: The response of the tourism sector, for example, will not be quick. In addition, the industrial sector will not move easily anymore. In addition to real estate problems, bank mortgages and auctions, which will reduce the price of the mortgaged property to banks in half. Pointing out that all of this will cause a more difficult economic problem than the current situation.

The Jordanian government

On state revenues, he clarified that the Jordanian government should think of new scientific ways to collect its revenues without raising the prices of new goods. Especially the basic ones, stressing that a new and completely different economic monetary policy must be followed from the previous one.

Al-Anani concluded that he must pay close attention, and put the right economic tools from now on scientifically and accurately. And avoiding exaggeration in preparing the new budget for 2021.

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