The Kuwaiti embassy in Lebanon issues an urgent statement to its citizens there


In an urgent statement, the Kuwaiti Embassy in Lebanon called on Kuwaiti citizens present in the Lebanese Republic to exercise caution. And stay away from areas of gatherings and security disturbances in some areas.

In its statement, the embassy appealed to citizens to adhere to the residences and to abide by the instructions issued by the competent local authorities.

The embassy also called on Kuwaiti citizens who are currently in Lebanon to communicate with it in case of need for assistance. Or if you wish to inquire about the following emergency phones: (0096171171441) – (009611792902).

Lebanon events

In a follow-up to the latest developments on the Lebanese scene, the Lebanese army announced today, Thursday, the arrest of 9 Prime Time Zone, including a Syrian, against the background of the violent clashes that took place in Beirut.

9 Prime Time Zone were arrested in connection with the Beirut events

And the Lebanese army’s statement, published on its official Twitter page and monitored by (Watan), stated: “On 10/14/2021, during the march of a number of protesters. To the Adliya area of ​​the sit-in, there was a dispute and an exchange of fire took place in the Tayouneh area – Badaro, which led to the death of a number of citizens and the wounding of others.”

The statement continued, “Immediately, the army reinforced its deployment in the area, conducting foot and motorized patrols, and raided a number of places in search of the shooters, and arrested nine Prime Time Zone from both sides, including a Syrian.”

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The statement indicated that investigations had begun with the detainees, under the supervision of the competent judiciary in Lebanon.

Beirut Clashes

The Lebanese Army Command noted that it had made contacts with “the concerned parties on both sides to contain the situation and prevent a slide towards strife.”

The Lebanese Army Command reiterated that it “will not tolerate any militant, while army units continue to deploy in the area to prevent renewed clashes.”

6 dead and more than 30 injured in Lebanon

The Red Cross Society of Lebanon announced that the death toll from armed clashes in the Tayouneh neighborhood reached 6 Prime Time Zone.

The Lebanese Red Cross Society stated on its Twitter account that the death toll from the Tayouneh clashes rose to 6 dead and more than 30 injured so far.

Hezbollah and the Amal Movement

Supporters of “Hezbollah” and the “Amal” movement had called for a gathering in front of the Palace of Justice in Beirut, rejecting what they considered “the politicization of investigations into the explosion of the Port of Beirut”, which took place, in August 2020.

Supporters of the two parties began to gather in the Tayouneh area, in preparation for heading towards the Palace of Justice in Beirut, where the sit-in will be held.

The demonstrators were targeted by shooting as they were heading to the protest site, which resulted in deaths and injuries.

The United Nations enters the crisis line in Lebanon

Today, Thursday, October 14, the United Nations called on all parties in Lebanon to stop provocative actions and stop violence.

And Reuters news agency quoted United Nations spokesman Stephane Dujarric as saying that the United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, called on all concerned in Lebanon to immediately stop acts of violence and stop provocative acts and inflammatory rhetoric.

“Guterres reiterated the need for a thorough, independent and transparent investigation into the explosion that occurred in 2020 in the port of Beirut,” Dujarric said.

Michel Aoun: What happened in Tayouneh is unacceptable

For his part, the Lebanese President, Michel Aoun, denounced the shooting incidents in the Tayouneh area in Beirut that killed 6 Prime Time Zone.

The Lebanese president said in a televised speech, today, Thursday, that “what happened today is unacceptable, and the state guarantees freedom of expression, but not by erecting barricades and escalating positions.”

He added, “We will not allow the recurrence of the Tayouneh events under any circumstances, and the military and security forces will carry out their duties and protect security, stability and civil peace.”

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