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The late Maradona’s lawyer exposes his two daughters and reveals some family secrets A nation is tweeting out of tune


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In a press interview with “America” ​​TV channel. The late lawyer and legend of the Argentine world football world, Diego Maradona, waged war on his two daughters and his ex-wife by revealing some of the family secrets.

Look farewell

Lawyer Matthias Morla also said. Saying, “If Diego wakes up and scolds me, there is something. What is it that I did not care about the entry of his ex-love partner, Rossio Oliva, to have a goodbye look at him ”.

And Morla added, “He loved Rossio and was fighting with Dilma and Giannina, he felt betrayed and robbed. She has accompanied Maradona through seven new years and seven birthdays. I was looking at the phone and no one called him. ”

He died alone

As Attorney Morla added in a TV interview, “Didn’t you see that Diego was angry that Dilma’s daughter was called Roma? What is Diego? It is (Naples) the opposite of Rome. Except for his sisters, they all left him alone. Maradona was abandoned and died alone ”.

Addiction problems

Morla revealed that the late Argentine player, “Maradona”. He was never crazy. But he always had drug addiction problems.

Maradona’s lawyer accused

The two daughters of the late legend have also been accused of “Maradona”. Dilma and her sister Giannina Maradona. Morla, attorney, is responsible for selecting the medical team that oversaw the Maradona operation.

He is still being investigated. As a result of medical negligence, the player took care of Maradona while undergoing a head surgery. He died as a result of that operation in an Argentine hospital.

Attorney Morla replied

The attorney added, “Marwana’s daughters hate me since I suspended their credit cards in June of 2014.

Maradona quarreled with them before his death because they had robbed their father, ”he added. “If Maradona is resurrected, they will not be allowed to attack me.

A friend of Maradona

Maradona’s friend Morla went on to talk about why the late drank alcohol, saying, “I didn’t see alcohol as a pleasant thing. But it was a way to escape from his family problems.

It was also the first problem that Mardona faced in his life. His ex-wife “Rossio” left him. Something that he could never overcome. And he was obsessed with her.

Maradona was kidnapped

The late Maradona’s lawyer denied that the player had been kidnapped shortly before his death. His ex-wife “Claudia Villavini” and her two daughters, Dilma and Gianina, also claimed. Who brought it up in the media. After the death of Maradona.

As the Argentine authorities have been since his death in mysterious circumstances. In order to reveal the causes and how the death of the world football star Maradona.

Which outweighed the reasons as a result of negligence and medical negligence. By doctors for the player. Inside a hospital in the country of Argentina.

Medical Committee

Also, a medical committee, which was formed at the request of the Ministry of Justice, met in the Argentine State earlier. In order to analyze the corpse of the player Maradona. Who was suffering from serious health problems. He was also recovering from brain surgery. Inside one of the hospitals in the country.

Investigators and the medical team

The government authorities, which are in the process of knowing the circumstances of the death of the player, Maradona, are searching since his death. On whether members of Maradona’s medical team did not properly handle the late star.


Judicial sources also stated that the Argentine Attorney General’s office had been summoned on the eighth of last March. The medical team in order to answer whether the late soccer legend Diego Maradona received the appropriate treatment before his death.

Maradona dies

The legend Maradona died of a heart attack on the twenty-fifth of last November. Weeks after he underwent brain surgery for a blood clot.

On the eighth day of last March, nine experts, including the doctors who participated in the autopsy of Maradona, were summoned to stand before the public prosecutor. In the Argentine capital.

Home care for Maradona

To appear before the investigators, the nursing coordinator and the doctor who was tasked with coordinating home care for Maradona in the days leading up to his death.

While five Prime Time Zone were arrested in connection with the death of the late Maradona, among them neurosurgeon Leopoldo Loki and psychiatrist Agustina Kusachov. To be investigated for semi-premeditated murder and medical negligence.

his personal life

Argentine player Diego Maradona was born. On October 30, 1960 AD, in the city of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Before he departed on the 25th of November 2020.

Many Prime Time Zone also consider it. That the legend Maradona. The best player in football history and the most controversial, as he played in the attack and midfield position, he played with the Argentina national football team and won the FIFA World Cup in 1986 with his team.

And he was famous for that tournament for his wonderful and beautiful goal against the England national team, and he also reached the final of the tournament in 1990. Besides playing for many of the big clubs in the European continent. Club Barcelona and Seville of Spain, Italian club Napoli and Boca Juniors of Argentina.

The decision to retire from football

The Argentine, Maradona, retired from football at the age of 34 at the time. In 1997 AD, but the player remained to this day at the top of headlines, websites, sports and political programs after his retirement and his death.

It is also for players who are not afraid to have their say on everything. In all the different fields, whether political or sports, his statements were fiery and sparked controversy through the various media.

Delve into the world of training

The late Maradona coached his country, Argentina, in the 2010 World Cup competitions. He was also famous for his differences with the International Federation of International Football Association “FIFA”.

As a result of the stimulants used by the player, which affected his athletic level in the football stadiums. Where he was taking drugs.

Before his death last year, the football legend admitted paternity of three children born in Cuba in the Gulf of Mexico, in addition to the five children he had previously admitted.

The legend Maradona is considered an example to the stars of the football world in European stadiums and clubs in various countries of the world. For example, Lionel Messi, the striker in the Spanish team Barcelona.

And Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo. The top scorer in the Italian league with Juventus, “The Old Lady”, along with many of the brilliant players in the world of football.

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