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The National Center for Early Warning of Multiple Hazards in the Sultanate of Oman issued an important notice to all Omani citizens regarding the weather and chances of rain in a number of governorates in the Sultanate.

The National Center confirmed, according to what was monitored by “Watan”, that the chance of heavy rain will continue today, Thursday, in a number of Omani governorates.

He added: “The chances of heavy rain will continue today, Thursday, in the southern governorates of Muscat, Sharqiyah, South Sharqiyah, Al Dakhiliyah, Al Dhahirah, North Al Batinah and South Al Batinah.”

Weather developments in the Sultanate of Oman

He continued, “This is in quantities ranging from 20 mm to 60 mm, accompanied by active winds and hail falling with the flow of valleys.”

The center’s statement continued: “The Civil Aviation Authority calls on everyone to take precautions during thunderstorms, not to cross valleys, to avoid low places and not to go to the sea during the alert period.”

According to the Omani meteorology, light to moderate northwesterly winds will blow on the coasts of the Sea of ​​Oman, turning into variable direction at night.

Active southwesterly winds blow on the coastal areas of the Arabian Sea, while light to moderate southwesterly winds blow over the rest of the Sultanate, sometimes active in the Al Wusta and Dhofar governorates.


Yesterday, Wednesday, the Omani Meteorological Department said that the latest weather maps and analyzes of the National Multi-Hazard Warning Center show the extension of a groove from an air depression over the Sultanate’s airspace until next Saturday.

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It is likely, according to the Omani Meteorological Authority on Twitter, that clouds will flow over most of the Sultanate’s governorates, with chances of scattered rain, sometimes thunderstorms, accompanied by active downward winds, hail, and the flow of valleys over most of the Sultanate’s governorates. -40 within 24 hours) during Thursday and Friday.

Aviation Authority

The Civil Aviation Authority called on citizens and residents to take precautions during rain and valley flows, to check the condition of the sea before entering it, and to follow up on its weather forecasts.

The Omani Meteorological Department said that the aerial images show the spread of clouds of varying heights on the coasts of the Sea of ​​Oman, the governorates of Muscat, South and North Al Batinah, Al Buraimi, parts of Al Dakhiliyah, Al Dhahirah and North Al Sharqiyah, and a good intensification of autumn clouds on the coastal strip of Dhofar Governorate, with rain falling.

Oman weather alert

The Omani meteorological department warned that the activity of local formations on the Al Hajar Mountains and adjacent areas will continue yesterday, Wednesday, with chances of thunderstorms at times accompanied by active downward winds (which may cause dust and dust to fly) and the possibility of wadis and reefs flowing.

A few days ago, the “Hajj Depression” affected the Sultanate of Oman, where the rains turned into torrential torrents, flooding the homes of citizens in some governorates and forcing them to flee to shelter centers.

Also, according to official data, the homes of 60 families were damaged, and 400 Prime Time Zone were evacuated to shelters due to the torrential rains in the governorates of South Al Sharqiyah and North Al Batinah.

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