The League explodes a shocking surprise behind Messi’s departure from Barcelona and Laporta responds | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


La Liga president Javier Tebas revealed, surprisingly, in a press statement, that the 34-year-old Argentine star Lionel Messi will leave the ranks of the Spanish Catalan team and move to Paris Saint-Germain during the transfer season this summer.

The president of the League and the departure of Messi

“I spoke with Barcelona President Joan Laporta, regarding the issue of Lionel Messi’s contract, and I told him personally and his board of directors via a phone call, that he can search for solutions and a way out if The player’s departure from Barcelona is due to financial reasons.”

And the La Liga president added, “I cannot be certain that Barcelona allowed Lionel Messi to leave the Spanish League for economic reasons, but I respect Barcelona’s decision, but I have to clarify things as they actually happened.”

La Liga and Messi’s description

Javier Tebas continued, “Messi’s departure from the Spanish League was the most painful compared to the departure of other stars from Spanish clubs, such as the former Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo, for being the greatest player in history.”

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And he continued, “Let us hope one day you will know the whole truth about what happened with Lionel Messi, but I confirm that the main reason behind Messi’s departure was not financial.”


Barcelona President Joan Laporta responded to the statements of La Liga president Javier Tebas regarding Messi’s departure, saying: “He says that Messi did not stay in Barcelona, ​​but he was the main reason behind his departure because with his excessive enthusiasm and with fair financial play, he wants to be more royal than the king.”

And Laporta, “What Barcelona will not do is allow Mr. Tebas to seize the rights of the club, and we will not pursue his personal projects, as he seeks to use interests in Barcelona in order to obtain money and mortgage the fields of television transmission and club programs for nearly 50 years.”

He added, “The president of the Spanish League, Tebas, creates problems and has the pathological obsession of FC Barcelona, ​​and instead of searching for harmony and understanding, but he is always looking for conflict and confrontation, and he has the disease in that and Barcelona fans know him well.”

Laporta concluded, “We Barcelona already know him, and the Barcelona administration has democratically elected its members, and thus we will not allow anyone to seize the rights of the club, such as the League or others.”

It is noteworthy that Barcelona did not fail to reach an agreement with Argentine star Lionel Messi to renew a contract with the Catalan team due to economic and structural obstacles that prevented this, to join the Paris Saint-Germain team, who contracted with him for two full seasons with an option to renew for an additional season.

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