The “lofty” Egyptian judiciary grants Rania Youssef a permit to strip and insult the veil! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Once again, the Egyptian judiciary proves how lean it is, by issuing a acquittal ruling on Sunday against the Egyptian actress Rania Youssef of the accusation of committing the crime of indecent public act and contempt of religions in the case of “the veil and the backside”.

Rania Youssef thanks “the lofty judiciary”

After declaring her innocence, the Egyptian artist Rania Youssef thanked the Egyptian judiciary, and wrote, through her Twitter account: “Thanks to the Egyptian judiciary, the Egyptian judiciary will remain the guardian of rights and freedoms in Egypt.”

The lawyer, Tariq Al-Awadi, announced that the Qasr al-Nil Misdemeanor Court had ruled the innocence of our client, Rania Youssef.

Case details

The details of the case refer to Rania Youssef’s statements in an interview with the Iraqi journalist Nizar Al-Faris, presenter of the program “With Al-Faris” via the Iraqi “Al-Rasheed Channel”.

When asked about the veil, she replied: “Oh, Lord, why? Without a veil, I can see better and hidden, and since when we were veiled, Egyptian women were not veiled, and the veil was imposed on us in the late seventies and early eighties. ”

Regarding deliberately showing her “bottom”, Yusef said: “I found her sweet … and when you have a sweet need, why don’t you appear, you hide it and do not show it. Sweet show it; This angered the Egyptians.

Lawyers to file lawsuits against Rania Youssef, accusing her of talking about the protrusion of her buttocks, and for improper hijab and religion. What some saw as contempt for religions.

Nizar Al-Faris denied what was recently rumored after his meeting with Yusef, that he harassed her during the episode.

Nizar Al-Faris said during televised statements to him, that he did not harass Barania Youssef, as she is at the age of his mother, but rather older than her, as his mother is 46 years old.

Al-Faris added: “We are in an era when women are harassed by men.

Nizar Al-Faris continued in his intervention with what he read: “It is possible to make a second meeting with Rania Youssef.”

The Iraqi broadcaster also considered that “her problem is that she is very sincere, has a white heart, her terminology betrays her, and an elegant and modest person. Her problem is times when expression and society betray her.

Nizar continued in his speech: “I excuse Rania Youssef because she told me on the call I have girls, I can get hurt, and she is a woman in the other.”

He also stressed: “If a man was in her shoes, my accent would have been different and attacked him.”

For its part, the Kuwaiti media, Mai Al-Aidan, published the section on Nizar Al-Faris, in which he talks about the part of harassment. And commented on him by saying: “Nizar Al-Faris accuses girls of harassment.”

Nizar Al-Faris had recently broken his silence in order to respond to Rania, who filed a lawsuit against him.

And after her controversial statements on the program hosted by Al-Fares. During which she spoke about her “butt” and the veil.

Rania Youssef filed a lawsuit

Al-Faris said in a video clip: “Rania Youssef filed a lawsuit against me, and I am in the nearest television interview revealing the hidden.”

He also added in a threatening tone: “I prove it with audio and video. I have a video that proves, Rania Youssef was aware of the program’s questions .. Soon, it became clearer.”

Nizar asked Rania during the clip, saying: “A question, if you are not satisfied with the program, why did you publish the promo on your account. And similar to the program’s questions, I don’t like you. After you concluded the episode, you sent me voice messages telling me that I am old and I do not regret having had a conversation with you.

He also added, “You knew all the questions, you are not a teenager, you are a big woman.”

And he continued, threatening her: “In general, the judiciary, between you and me, is another word in the nearest press interview.”

Nizar Al-Faris carries out his threat

Al-Fares carried out his threat against Youssef, and announced the start of her prosecution. After she accused him of defamation and falsification of the facts following the broadcast of his interview with her.

Nizar Al-Faris, Counselor, Haitham Abbas, was also tasked with taking legal measures against Rania Youssef, and publishing the statement of his lawyer on his official Facebook page.

Official steps against the Iraqi channel

Rania had revealed, during an official statement, that she had met with the Iraqi ambassador to Egypt, and had filed a complaint in which a complete file documented with sound. And writing and dates for what happened with her, which she described as “cutting and deception.”

The Egyptian actress confirmed that she is about to take legal measures in Iraq against the channel’s management and Nizar Al-Faris. Adding: “To protect my rights. And against the deliberate distortion of my person that came from them. And this during an interview that will take place within days with the Iraqi Minister of Information.

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