“The Lord of the prison is dearer to me than what they invite me to.” Hassan Mushaima, the leader of the opposition, embarrasses the King of Bahrain from inside the prison | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Hassan Mushaima, the leader of the Bahraini opposition, who has been detained for a decade, caused embarrassment to the Bahraini regime and King Hamad bin Isa, by refusing a royal pardon issued against him due to the conditions it considered “humiliating” and he would never accept it.

In this context, a touching message spread on Bahrain’s social networking sites today, Tuesday, by Mushaima, which was published by his son Ali under the title “The Lord of prison is more beloved to me than what they call me to.”

Hassan Mushaima

In his letter, the Bahraini opposition leader stressed his refusal to waive any of his basic rights or accept preconditions in exchange for his release.

In the letter published by his family, the dissident reviewed the details of his position on the offer made to him by the authorities in Manama.

Hassan Mushaima, who has been in prison for a decade, explained that “he is facing a great ordeal, but it is easy for him to be patient, like a number of his detained brothers.”

He stressed that from this point of view and with complete clarity, he declares that if the choice is between tying, humiliating and conditional freedom, or staying in prison, the latter is preferred.

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This position confirms the details revealed by Mushaima’s family that he refuses a conditional royal pardon, and affirms his right to freedom without restriction.

Hassan Mushaima’s message received a great response on the communication sites, and an activist wrote: “Professor Hassan, one of the leaders of the Bahraini opposition, refuses freedom, if it is not with the rest of his countrymen who are languishing in Bahrain’s prisons… This is how loyal leaders are.”

As Hassan Al-Satari wrote: “Greetings to your steadfastness and generosity .. to your struggle and patience, our beloved.”

Activist Abdul-Ghani Al-Khanjar said: “Professor Hassan Mushaima, the future Mujahid, presents the most wonderful example of his steadfastness and steadfastness, and provides a lesson for dedication and adherence to the position of rejecting any humiliating conditions.

Who is Hassan Mushaima?

It is noteworthy that Hassan Mushaima, a 73-year-old Bahraini prisoner of conscience, was sentenced to prison for his participation in the pro-democracy protests in 2011, and spent many years in prison.

Mushaima is considered one of the leaders of the opposition in Bahrain, and he is the Secretary-General of the Al-Haq movement, which is one of the largest opposition parties, and he is also a fierce defender of human rights.

He suffers from several diseases

Mushaima was arrested for the first time in 1995, after participating in peaceful protests, when he had just begun his political activism. Within less than a year, he was arrested again, and spent 5 years in prison.

Beginning in 2002, Hassan Mushaima held the position of Secretary-General of the newly established Al-Wefaq Party.

Since 2005, he has been the Secretary-General of the Al-Haq Movement for Freedom and Democracy, which has become the most important political opposition faction in Bahrain.

Arab Spring

The consequences of the 2011 Arab Spring protests were numerous in Bahrain, where human rights and freedom of expression, assembly, demonstration, and the media were completely confiscated, according to the report.

Because of his important role in these historical movements, Mushaima was subjected to individual targeting and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Hassan Mushaima suffers from cancer and diabetes, in addition to high blood pressure and gout, and he does not receive proper medical treatment.

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Although the malignant tumor in his body is in a state of regression, he needs regular medical examinations once every 6 months, and he needs more than 15 kinds of medicines for various health problems.


In 2018, Amnesty International and Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain were among the organizations that signed a letter addressed to the Bahraini government calling for Mushaima’s release and enabling him to obtain necessary medical care.

On March 11, 2021, the European Parliament had adopted a draft resolution condemning the human rights situation in Bahrain, which included recommendations for all EU member states.

And it stated: “While Bahrain’s overcrowded prisons are witnessing deteriorating health conditions, the authorities decided to release 1,486 prisoners in March 2020 due to the health risks associated with the Corona epidemic, but this decision largely excluded opposition leaders, activists, journalists and human rights defenders.”

As this European resolution stated: “The Bahraini authorities deny these prisoners urgent medical care, and threaten their health and safety, in violation of the lowest international standards in the treatment of prisoners. Therefore, many political prisoners went on strikes to protest against ill-treatment in prisons.”

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