The Luxor Chamber of Commerce will open the “Center of Excellence” next March


The Luxor Chamber of Commerce intends to open a “Center of Excellence” in next March to facilitate its employees in extracting commercial registration papers, taxes and other services.

Salah Fathy, head of the Luxor Chamber of Commerce, said that the chamber is currently preparing the headquarters of the distinguished center for the “commercial registry” in preparation for its opening, at an investment cost of approximately 350 thousand pounds.

Fathy pointed out that the Center of Excellence provides one-stop services and includes representatives from «the commercial registry, public taxes, the investment authority, social insurance for the documentation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, real estate and several meeting rooms».

He indicated that the rest of the services provided by the Chamber will be completed consecutively after communicating with the concerned authorities, to be added to the services provided through the Center of Excellence.

The headquarters of the Center of Excellence is located near the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce in Luxor Governorate, on an area of ​​200 square meters.

Fathy said that he is currently seeking to form a specific division for the various commercial sectors that have applied to the Chamber, and the papers have been prepared pending the issuance of a ministerial decision for them by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Fathy pointed out that the quality divisions planned to be established include “groceries and catering, bakeries, pharmacists, petroleum products, ready-made clothes, and electrical appliances.”

He explained that the formation of the Prime Time Zone helps in preparing the Chamber’s strategy for the next stage, to develop its business, and to activate the role of the various sectors in it, and the number of its members reaches 5600 merchants.

He mentioned that the current council of the chamber is the first elected board of directors after the decision of the Minister of Trade and Industry, in November 2018, to separate it from the Qena Chamber.

He added that the chamber signed a cooperation protocol with the Delta Company to insure the property and life of its affiliated merchants.

He explained that the document stipulates that the merchant pays 60 pounds annually to protect the property represented in the store, goods and cash in it against the dangers of “fire and lightning, bursting water pipes, overflowing of tanks, collision of vehicles, burglary, crashes of aircraft, riots, and labor strikes.” A thousand pounds and its multiples.

He emphasized that the document includes the payment of 60 pounds annually, which is the insurance coverage for the safety of the trader against personal accidents, and includes the disbursement of an amount of one hundred thousand pounds in the event of death and permanent total disability resulting from accidents and the disbursement of a percentage of the amount of “100 thousand” pounds in the case of permanent partial disability according to the percentage of disability .

The article “Luxor Chamber of Commerce” to open the “Center of Excellence” next March was written in the Stock Exchange newspaper.