The main Saudi stock index closed up 79.85 points


The main Saudi stock index closed today Sunday, up 79.85 points, to close at 8,817.05 points, and in transactions worth 8 billion riyals.

The Saudi Press Agency reported today, Sunday, that the number of shares traded amounted to more than 280 million shares, shared by more than 343,000 deals in which the shares of 181 companies recorded an increase in their value, while the shares of 14 companies closed lower.

The parallel Saudi stock index (Nomu) also closed up 305.46 points, to close at 24742.76 points, with trades worth 68 million riyals, and the number of traded shares reached 526,000 shares shared by 1,470 deals.

The article, the main Saudi stock index, closed up 79.85 points, was written in Al-Borsa newspaper.