The Maritime Security Center in Oman issues an important clarification of the attack on the Israeli-owned ship | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


On Friday evening, the Oman News Agency quoted an official source at the Maritime Security Center as saying that within the framework of the joint maritime work system and the coordination between the Maritime Security Center in the Sultanate and the Maritime Security Centers in the region, the Center received information about the exposure of a marine tanker of derivatives called (MV MERCER STREET) flying the flag of Oman. The Republic of Liberia for an accident outside Omani territorial waters.

The source told the Oman News Agency that upon receiving the information, the Maritime Security Center immediately took the necessary measures in coordination with the military, security and civil authorities to deal with the situation, as the Royal Air Force of Oman flew overflights on the site.

Maritime Security Center: Ship owners did not ask for help

The source added that the Royal Omani Navy steered a ship to the site as well.

According to the Maritime Security Center source, the field results confirmed that the accident actually occurred outside the Omani territorial sea, and when communicating with the ship’s owners and crew, they stated that the ship would continue sailing to its destination without the need for assistance.

The agency said that the Sultanate affirms its constant keenness and harnessing all capabilities to maintain the security and safety of traffic in the Omani territorial sea, and the ability of all concerned authorities in the Sultanate to do everything that leads to the safety of navigation in the Omani territorial sea.

Israel accuses Iran of attacking the Mercer Street

And the Maritime Security Center had previously revealed a suggestion by Israeli security officials that Iran was behind the attack on the Mercer Street ship, which was on its way from Dar es Salaam to Fujairah, off the coast of Oman. According to the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper,

While Israeli sources reported that a drone had targeted the ship, the Zodiac company, owned by Israeli businessman Eyal Ofer, announced that two sailors, a British and a Romanian, were killed in the attack on the Japanese-owned ship.

An Israeli official said, “The slain Roman was the captain of the ship.” He also indicated that “the slain Briton is a security guard.”

Iran “accused” .. an Israeli

The newspaper quoted the official – whom it did not name – that “there is no symmetry between Israel and Iran, and this should not be presented as something similar, what the Iranians did is a criminal terrorist act, and we do not commit terrorist acts, and our actions are in line with all the rules and against terrorists.” As he claimed.

According to the source, “the Iranians moved against a ship carrying a foreign flag owned by a Japanese company and killed innocent civilians, and Israel has nothing to do here.”

The source added: “It is a British-run company and operates under the British Shipping Department, and there is mostly partial Israeli ownership” of the ship.

He continued, “There is no balance here. They want to (impose) the rules of the terrorists and harm innocent civilians.”

The source added that “the Iranians do not know how to be selective,” noting that the Iranians had targeted ships “unrelated to Israel.”

In this regard, the source said: “This ship is not linked to the Israeli shipping director, has no flag and has no Israeli goods, and it was not on its way to and from Israel.”

He stated that the attack on the ship was a “terrorist act against a civilian target,” explaining that “the ship is unarmed,” noting that “innocent Europeans were killed.”

The source said, “The Iranians, with their partial intelligence, are carrying out terrorist acts. Now they are involved with the Romans and the British.”

An expected Israeli response

A senior Israeli official said that “Israel” is likely to respond to the ship’s attack off the coast of Oman, but the question is how and when the response will be made.

While the Hebrew “Kan” channel quoted another Israeli official as saying: “It seems, according to expectations, that we will witness an appropriate Zionist response in line with the incident of targeting the ship.”

For its part, the Hebrew Channel 12 reported that Prime Minister Naftali Bennett joined the security consultations held by Defense Minister Gantz, the chief of staff and security chiefs “despite the arrival of Shabbat,” regarding the ship’s incident in the Gulf of Oman.

“The ship is under the control of the crew”

In turn, the company said: “The ship is under the control of the crew,” explaining that it is “sailing with the American naval forces to a safe place,” without giving further details about where it headed.

And news reports quoted the Maritime Security website, Dryand, as saying that the attack on the Israeli ship in the Arabian Sea was carried out by a drone.

The website added that the Israeli ship was subjected to two attacks in the Arabian Sea, and the nature of the second attack was unknown.

Earlier Friday, the British Ministry of Defense said that an Israeli ship had been attacked off the coast of Oman in the Arabian Sea, hours after reports received by a British naval authority of the attack, the Associated Press reported.

The Defense Ministry said in a statement on Friday that it was still investigating the reported attack on an Israeli ship.

A brief statement issued by the UK Maritime Trade Operations said that an investigation was underway into the incident, which occurred late Thursday evening, northeast of the Omani island of Masirah, and was not an act of piracy.

And this British authority had said, on Thursday, that it was investigating another unexplained incident in the same area, but it did not go into further details.