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The Saudi media, Sarlin Ahmed, celebrated the Saudi National Day in a bold way, which sparked controversy among activists.

The flag of Saudi Arabia and the body of Sarlin

Sarlin published her photos through her official account on (Instagram), where she appeared in a white dress with green stripes, with well-kept shoulders and sleeves, and a tight fit that revealed the details of her body.

Sarleen Ahmed covered herself with the Saudi flag, commenting: (Happy New Year, the most beautiful country and the most beautiful Prime Time Zone).

Followers were divided about Sarlin’s behavior as to those who saw her beautiful, and her unique way of celebrating, and others attacked her putting science in this way on her body, considering what she had done as an insult that must be held accountable for it.

The comments stated: (I am defeated that it is the only science that obligates the government to strike, violate and imprison everyone who neglects to place the flag in places other than its place… The word majesty is glorified for science and Saudi Arabia is placed in such areas even if it is not intended, but everyone who is negligent must be criminalized).

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Another wrote: (God cherishes the word of majesty.. you who have no upbringing).

A follower agreed with them and wrote: (Knowledge is honored by her).

While another noted Sarlin’s intention to show her butt, saying: (The most important thing is the rear end, the source of income).

Another asked: (When will you learn to read and hold on to knowledge and read what is written in it before you do not put it on your body).

The engagement of Dyler and Sarleen Ahmed

In another context, Saudi rapper Abdulaziz Al-Dalijan, known as (Dyler), announced the news of his engagement to Sarleen Ahmed, after he published a group of photos between them, commenting: (This time, seriously).

Where Dyler published, pictures of his engagement to the MBC announcer, which sparked controversy at the time about the age difference between them, and that Sarlin is several years older than him.

Which prompted the Saudi broadcaster to break her silence, stressing that they are false rumors and that she is only twenty-two years old, not twenty-eight.

Sarleen Ahmed responded to a comment that said: (She is twenty-six years old and marries a twenty-year-old), and a follower replied, saying: (Where are twenty-six and raise thirty), Sarlin commented: (I am 22, no matter how someone grows me).

It is noteworthy that Sarleen Ahmed is a Saudi program presenter, working on MBC, as a host on a fashion program.

Sarlin also works in the field of advertising on social media platforms, and is active in this field.

And Sarlin was not the only one who sparked controversy with her celebration. The famous Saudi social networking sites, Hind Al-Qahtani, celebrated the 91st Saudi National Day, and she posted on Snapchat scenes documenting this.

Hind Al-Qahtani appeared in a video that she published from inside her car, while she was driving and wearing a green dress, placing the Saudi flag behind her on the chair, and dancing to the tunes of Saudi sheilas.

In another snap, Hind Al-Qahtani’s daughter appeared as she was celebrating the Saudi National Day.

Saudi model Barbie Najd also published very bold pictures, in which she appeared naked except for her underwear, which she chose in green, the color of the Saudi flag, which sparked a wave of angry comments from her.

shocking scenes

The celebrations of the 91st Saudi National Day witnessed shocking incidents of harassment of young girls in the streets of the Kingdom, which aroused the condemnation and condemnation of many.

One of the videos documented the screaming of a young man and his harassment of a girl who was wearing an abaya and revealing her hair, during the activities of the Saudi National Day in a street.

Another video spread on social media, showing a person harassing and kissing a girl while she was riding a car, before fleeing during the Saudi National Day activities.

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Another video documented a girl being harassed in the street by a young man, who responded by throwing him with a water bottle she was holding in her hand.

Another video clip, which was circulated, showed young men shouting and crowding around girls in a car during the celebration of the Saudi National Day.

Saudi National Day 91

The National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which falls on September 23 of each year, is the day on which King Abdulaziz, the founding King of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, issued a decision to transfer the name of the country from the Kingdom of Hejaz, Najd and its annexes to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that we know today.

The National Day season is one of the seasons in Saudi Arabia that it organizes throughout the year, and it is held to celebrate the Kingdom’s National Day.

The season initiative was implemented for the first time in 2019, 14 years after the establishment of an official holiday for the National Day in 2005.

The season lasts for several days, ending on September 23, and contains various events held in all regions of the Kingdom, including fireworks, concerts, festivals, international shows, forums, and others.

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