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The Saudi artist Khaled Sami is going through a serious health crisis, and there has been no improvement in his condition, about two months after he entered a coma and his heart stopped for 4 minutes last week.

The medical diagnosis of Khaled Sami’s condition is “frightening”, according to what his son Turki said in a tweet to him on his Twitter account.

Turki said, according to what was monitored (Watan): “Currently, I am with the doctor, and he gave me an explanation for the case. He says the case is like there is no improvement and no stability, and the father suffers from inflammation.”

He continued, explaining: “This thing that tired his body and because of his weak body and immunity after transplantation causes all of this. He also mentioned that it is difficult to treat inflammation in his situation, but everything is possible and we are optimistic about the best.

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Khaled Sami’s son reveals the details

Khaled Sami’s son added in another tweet: “What I hide from you is terrifying. May God help us as a family and give us patience. Stop your prayers for him. My dearest and dearest father.

It is noteworthy that for more than two months, the Saudi artist, Khaled Sami, has been in intensive care, after he underwent a liver transplant.

Not the first time

And it is not the first time that Khaled Sami’s heart has stopped. At the beginning of last month, his condition witnessed a serious setback when his heart stopped, and his son Turki said at the time that divine providence saved his father and the pulse returned to him after five attempts to revive him.

Turki Sami tweeted via (Twitter), saying: (Today I was losing my parents and my Lord is kindness, praise be to God. The heart stood by him and came back after the fifth attempt to revive him and save his life.

Khaled Sami’s son continued: (But now my father is unconscious, waiting for the results, and God will bring them to us well. There are no words to describe my feelings at the moment, but my father is in dire need of your prayers).

Aida Al-Otaibi always keeps her husband Khaled’s audience informed of the latest developments in his health, since he was transferred to the hospital due to his exposure. For a health setback and entering a coma.

Al-Otaibi wrote in one of her tweets: (To the lovers and the faithful and to everyone who asked about Khaled’s condition who is still in care. He has not recovered from the coma yet. I ask God Almighty, Lord of the Great Throne, to heal him and heal every patient).

And she continued: (Oh God, do not mourn us for those we love, Amen, praise be to God in every case).

Three strokes in the brain

The beginning of Sami’s illness was when he fell short and was unable to breathe, which necessitated his transfer to the hospital by ambulance.

The results of the magnetic resonance examination conducted by Khaled, showed the presence of three small clots in the brain, and calcification in the arteries.

Aida Al-Otaibi said in a tweet at the time: (What was new in Khaled’s case after the MRI procedure, the results showed the presence of three clots. Small clots in the brain and calcification in the arteries, and these results are not the cause of the unclear coma).

Kidney transplant

The Saudi artist, Khaled, underwent a kidney transplant surgery after complications he suffered during the last period.

And the Saudi journalist Badr Al Zaidan, at the time, published a picture of him from the operating room, asking him to pray, as he tweeted: (The artist Khaled Sami is currently in the operating room for liver transplantation… Prayers for Habib Abu Turki to be safe).

Khaled Sami

Khaled Sami (60 years old) is considered one of the most important artists in Saudi Arabia. He was born in the city of Buraidah in the Qassim region, north of Najd.

Khaled Sami launched in the late seventies of the last century, the second generation of the Culture and Arts Association.

This came after Khaled got acquainted with the actor Muhammad Al-Kanhal, who directed one of the plays for them in Schiha for the Society as a theater actor.

Thus was the beginning of Sami, and his first work, in which he appeared as an actor and Prime Time Zone knew him after that, was a colorful paper program and a program. From each flower orchard that each day presented a single theme.

Khaled Sami made his mark in Gulf art through many artworks, including (Tash Ma Tash), (Abu Ruwaished), (Abu Al-Asafeer) and (Shabab Al-Bomb).

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