The Minister of Industry reviews ways to develop handicrafts and increase the competitiveness of the Egyptian product


Nevin Jameh, Minister of Trade and Industry, held an expanded meeting with members of the Export Council for Crafts and Handicrafts headed by Dr. Al-Walid Al-Shami, where the meeting dealt with ways to develop and develop the sector in a way that contributes to increasing the competitiveness and popularity of Egyptian handicraft products in the domestic and foreign markets and increasing the sector’s exports to global markets. The meeting was attended by Hatem El-Ashry Advisor to the Minister for Institutional Communication.

The minister affirmed the political leadership’s keenness to promote the handicrafts and heritage sector and solve all the challenges facing workers in this sector, as it is one of the labor-intensive sectors that provide many job opportunities, especially in the border governorates, Upper Egypt and the tourist governorates.

She pointed to the importance of preparing an integrated database of all projects operating in the sector in order to be able to access financing, training and capacity building programs, and to participate in internal and external exhibitions.

In this context, Jameh highlighted the importance of maximizing the use of the database available at the MSMEs and the Industry Modernization Center and the services they provide to the heritage and creative crafts sector, which includes about 250 gatherings with a total of 120 trades, employing nearly 2 million workers. In addition to the services related to the promotion and marketing of these products in the foreign markets, as the sector’s total exports during the past year amounted to about $ 208 million.

The minister pointed out the importance of concerted efforts by the state, the private sector and workers in the handicraft sector to develop this sector in line with the great historical experiences of Egypt in this sector and in a way that reflects the ancient Egyptian civilization and the national identity of the sector’s products, with the aim of increasing the competitiveness and popularity of the Egyptian product in global markets.

She pointed out the importance of launching initiatives and events aimed at improving the sector’s products and building the capabilities of its employees, as well as providing technical and marketing support services for the sector’s products in various global markets through trade fairs and electronic marketing platforms.

On his part, Dr. Al-Waleed Al-Shami, Chairman of the Export Council for Industries and Handicrafts, affirmed the council’s keenness to support all Egyptian cadres working in this sector by providing qualification programs, training and technical support services for design, manufacturing and marketing, with the aim of promoting the Egyptian product and taste in the field of handicrafts and creativity to advance To international standards and standards, which contributes to enhancing the presence of Egyptian products in various countries of the world.

El-Shamy pointed out that the council sought to create brands for Egyptian craft and heritage products linked to the national identity of Egypt, which would contribute to promoting and marketing the sector’s products and increasing export rates to various global markets.

The article, the Minister of Industry reviews ways to develop handicrafts and increase the competitiveness of the Egyptian product, was written in the Al-Borsa newspaper.