The Ministers: Establishing a governmental fund to secure the Egyptian family by granting incentives to those who are committed to controlling population growth


Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, reviewed the final vision of the executive plan of the National Project for the Development of the Egyptian Family, in a meeting in the presence of Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, Dr. Mohamed Omran, Head of the Financial Supervision Authority, and Dr. Amira Tawadros, Director of the Demographic Center.

Dr. Mustafa Madbouly directed to quickly present the plan to the next cabinet meeting, in preparation for submitting it to the President of the Republic for launching it.

The Minister of Planning explained that the strategic goal of this project is to control population growth, as a way to improve the quality of life of the Egyptian citizen and the Egyptian family, and that it is implemented in a geographical range that includes all parts of the Republic.

The minister emphasized that the project includes the economic empowerment of women in the age group of 18 to 45 years by providing job opportunities and earning a livelihood, and achieving financial independence, by equipping and operating 200 sewing workshops attached to health and family development units in 16 governorates, and training in the production of medical textiles to meet a need Hospitals, training one million women in entrepreneurship, and implementing one million micro-projects for the benefit of women.

Al-Saeed said that the project includes the establishment of a government fund for the insurance and development of the Egyptian family, which gives incentives to families committed to the determinants of controlling population growth, with the application of digital transformation and the establishment of an electronic system under the name of the “Egyptian Family System” to automate the services of the Family Insurance Fund and link it to the units of family health and development.

She indicated that the project will also include raising the efficiency of Al-Takamol hospitals to be units of family health and development, providing vaccinations and primary care services, and including clinics to monitor women’s health, with nurseries for working women and their children, in order to provide the necessary care and support required for Egyptian women.

The minister explained that the project also includes service intervention by providing family planning methods free of charge to all, with continuous follow-up, and the resettlement of 1,500 female doctors trained in family planning methods, and their distribution to health facilities, in addition to increasing the participation of NGOs that provide family planning services to reach 400 associations And providing her with family planning methods at a safe level of storage.

She explained that the project includes educational intervention to raise the Egyptian citizen’s awareness of the basic concepts of the demographic issue, the implementation of 12 million home visits, 30 thousand seminars and 500 activities targeting 6 million women, and the implementation of legislative intervention to develop a legislative and regulatory framework governing the policies taken to control population growth, including the criminalization of child marriage. And increase the punishment to include the guardian, as well as increase the penalty for child labor, and criminalize the failure to register births.

The article “The Ministers”: Establishing a governmental fund to secure the Egyptian family by granting incentives to those who are committed to controlling population growth was written in Al-Borsa newspaper.