The molester Angel is causing widespread anger in Saudi Arabia, this is what she did to her sister during a live broadcast! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


A video that was circulated on social media in Saudi Arabia sparked widespread anger after it showed a girl violently harassing her child sister.

The video, which “Watan” refrains from publishing, because of the inappropriate scenes and words it contains, shows the older sister without the lower part of her clothes. She insulted her little sister, who was crying and screaming and begging her to leave her.

Mattering Angel

And issued the hashtag #The Harassment Angel, and #Catch_Measure_Angel, the first trend in Saudi Arabia.

And during which the tweeters expressed their shock at the scenes they saw in the video, and wished they hadn’t seen it, demanding that the most severe penalties be imposed on the groping girl.

Angry reactions

And one of the comments read: “Every day is the same, for how long ?? God abuses every harasser and molester.

A tweet asked about the role of the two girls’ family about what is happening, especially since the harasser Angel opened a live broadcast to document her act, and the tweet wrote: “Open him to broadcast and harass !. Where are their family from them in God?

Another mocked the appearance of a harasser who imitates what is called in Saudi Arabia as “Al-Buwa,” and wrote: “No beauty, no morals, no honor. Frankly, I don’t know what to say. What I like about Twitter during this period is that it exposes the harassers and everyone knows who they are. ”

Another wrote: “A question, where is her mother? Now is the government free to educate your children, or do you see its deeds and achievements? Yanas, uplift yourselves, raise your children, and pay attention to yourselves.

Tulane demanded the arrest of the harasser Angel, and expressed her deep sadness for the child, and wrote: “Forbidden, by God, is something that makes the heart cross and cries. The poor girl is a base crying, and this animal does not have her feelings. God will not help her with her life.

Another tweet agreed with her and wrote: “What happens is forbidden, the subject subdues and cuts the heart. Imagine the consequences of the issue on the child and her future. The molester is sick, Lord, the matter dissolves quickly, and we hear the arrest and execution, God willing, or at least for life.

Another blamed feminists, and wrote: “There is nothing new in the world of feminists, a new molester after #the-harasser-condemned and the widespread harassment of innocent children. Feminism taught girls sexual freedom and paints and now applies them to the Prime Time Zone closest to them.

And a tweet confirmed that she needed psychological treatment after she saw the clip, and wrote: “The clip is harmful and psychologically painful, which has been classified as a hideous crime and open audacity. Broadcasting and raping a child like these does not deter them except the maximum punishment. I think I need to be treated psychologically from the harm and pain that I have experienced.

Another thought that it was better for the parents to be arrested, and wrote: “Nausea, I wish I had not discovered that this world has such-and-such, the first responsibility and imprisonment. The mother and the father deserve him. The girl did not look perverted, broadcasts and takes her comfort, except that there is nothing around her, absolute freedom, absolutely corrupting.

Domestic Violence Reports Center responds

Later, the Domestic Violence Reports Center responded to the tweeters, and confirmed that it had taken the necessary measures with the competent authorities regarding the incident.

The Domestic Violence Reporting Center stated in a tweet on “Twitter” monitored by “Watan” that the case of a girl being abused by her sister was monitored.

The center indicated that the necessary measures are being taken in coordination with the competent authorities.

Help Sarah from her abusive father

The case of the harasser Angel came just one day after the case of a Saudi girl named Sarah, who had called on activists to rescue her from her harassing father.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the hashtag # Help_Sara_from_of_the harasser, the first trend in Saudi Arabia, was published via the “Twitter” application, after I wrote. A girl named Sarah is being harassed by her father.

Sarah said in a series of tweets: “Please help me, my father is sexually harassing me and I reported it, and I do not know what happened, and he went out on bail and returned to us.”

She wrote in another tweet: “Whoever sees the tweet and can help me come, the police said that we must take care of him after they found him. In a case of epilepsy at the supermarket and they gave him sedatives.

The police booed me

Sarah continued: “I woke up and found him at home. He returned after I filed a report against him for sexual harassment. I don’t know what to do? Is it possible that my communication will be closed and my right will be lost and he will harass me again? ”

Sarah responded to the question of some of the tweeters about the report, and said: “I reached out and called me to sign and write what happened to me, but they deceived me. I do not know whether the topic is prolonged or not, but it is an important matter, and it is supposed to be a day and a night.

And she continued, “I don’t know what they are waiting for, are they waiting to rape me or what? Please help me”.

Although Sara’s Twitter account disappeared mysteriously without warning, the tweeters launched the hashtag # Help Sara from the harasser. To try to reach her and help her if she is sincere in what she says.

Khafji Molester

In another context, the Saudi authorities announced a few days ago the arrest of a Saudi citizen in his third decade of life, who boasted of his harassment. With a girl child by filming a video clip documenting. His crime and his publication on social media, in a case known in the media as “Al-Khafji Harasser”.

The assistant media spokesperson for the Eastern Region Police, Captain Muhammad Al-Durahem, stated about the incident, and said that with reference to the two videos circulating to a person. He boasts about molesting a child and possessing intoxicants. In addition to documenting that and publishing it via one of the. Social media platforms are what constitutes a crime according to the systems of combating the crime of harassment and combating information crimes, and it has been found and arrested.

According to the Saudi News Agency, the security authorities were able to identify the criminal and arrest him.

It turned out that he was a person in his third decade of life, and he was arrested in preparation for his presentation to the court and the completion of the legal procedures against him.

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