The Mufti of Oman, Ahmed Al-Khalili, is subjected to a smear campaign.. What is the relationship between his book, the death of atheism? | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Omani activists on the social networking site Twitter launched a wide campaign of solidarity with the Grand Mufti of the Sultanate of Oman, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Khalili, after some insulted him and insulted him because of his book “The Death of Atheism”, which demolished and destroyed the ideas of atheism.

Through the hashtags “# We are all Sheikh Ahmed Al Khalili”, “#We_have_to_say_something” and “#Death of atheism”, the Omanis rose up and defended the Mufti of the Sultanate of Oman against his attackers and those who afflicted him.

Sheikh Ahmed Al Khalili, Mufti of the Sultanate of Oman

It is clear from the label that the campaign of solidarity with Sheikh Al-Khalili began after circulating the details of a session of some activists on the Club House application, in which they attacked the Mufti of the Sultanate under the title (The trial of Ahmed Al-Khalili because of the book The Death of Atheism).

Haitham bin Mohsen Al-Hinai, defending Sheikh Al-Khalili, wrote: “Oh, builder of the high mountain, speak to him, pity the head, do not pity the mountain. As long as you pay, sir, they will not get you because they are weaker, ignorant, and despicable.”

Sarah wrote: “The book of the death of atheism killed them, so we say to them: Die in your anger.” May God preserve our venerable sheikh and grant him good health and wellness.”

Wael Al-Harassi said: “God is aware of it, dear sheikh and educator, the voice of truth terrified them. You broke their thorn and exposed their poisonous and malicious thoughts, so your letters came down on them like a thunderbolt, and when you hit it hurt.”

He continued: “The fact that they slandered, stabbed and insulted them only increased our status. May God bless you and benefit you Muslims.”

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While an activist directed her speech to the leader of the campaign against the Mufti of the Sultanate: “To the stupid Ghaith and his corrupt paralysis, no matter how hard they try, they will not succeed in what they are planning. We are all Sheikh Ahmed Al Khalili. And may the pain of the book of the death of atheism increase in you and not decrease.”

The book “The Death of Atheism” by Ahmed Al-Khalili

In December of the year 2019, he launched the book (The Death of Atheism with Proofs of Faith) by Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamad Al Khalili, the Grand Mufti of the Sultanate of Oman.

The book is in two volumes, and Al-Khalili issued it with thanks and gratitude, then an introduction, then a preface in the hands of the book. The first volume is more than 635 pages, and contains two chapters, and in each chapter there are chapters and investigations.

The second volume is more than 600 pages, and contains three chapters, and in each chapter chapters and investigations, the Sheikh referred to more than 260 various references.

Among the chapters covered by the author (in strengthening faith in the unseen and explaining its necessity in Prime Time Zone’s lives, and in the proofs that are in the creation of man, and in the proofs that are in the creation of animals, in the proofs included in biochemistry.)

(And in the proofs that exist across the horizons, and in the proofs that are in the creation of the atom, and in the impossibility of chance being the basis of the existence of the universe, and in the suspicions of atheists).

And from what Sheikh Al-Khalili said in his conclusion, which amounted to 20 pages of the book: God Almighty pleased him, as I collected it in a record period of time, as it did not exceed one year.

He also said in it: “This year, travels and illnesses have prevented me from continuing this work, but it is the kindness of God Almighty who has made it easy for me.”

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