The Mufti of the Sultanate of Oman continues his support for the resistance fighters in Palestine with a fiery statement and hints at the betrayal of the UAE | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Mufti of the Sultanate of Oman, Sheikh Ahmed al-Khalili, continued his great support for Palestine and its Prime Time Zone against the brutal occupation practices, alluding in a statement to the betrayal of some of the Palestinian cause and their support for the occupation.

The Mufti of the Sultanate of Oman

Sheikh Al-Khalili, the Grand Mufti of the Sultanate of Oman, published a new statement in support of the Palestinian cause on his official Twitter page monitored by (Watan), in which he confirmed that the Islamic Resistance in the occupied lands has proven the originality of its metal, the firmness of its faith, and the intensity of its resolve.

He continued (as well as all the free Prime Time Zone of the Ummah who stood behind her and tied her hand)

The Mufti of the Sultanate of Oman hinted at the betrayal of some countries, and some saw that he meant the Emirates and its weak position when he said what he said: (As it turns out the falsehood of the fallen who sold their conscience, and their religion and the dignity of their nation fell on them, so they wallowed in the conditions of humiliation by their submission to the occupying enemy.)

Sheikh Ahmad al-Khalili also said in his statement, that it is from what the Sunnah of God Almighty has done in his servants, that He pleases them with good and bad times, so that the disparity between their dignity and their cohabitation becomes clear, just as gold is tested with the heat of fire to distinguish the original from him from the false.

The Emirates has become a new Israeli settlement

The UAE has designated a wing for the Israeli occupation state in the Arab Travel Market in Dubai, which was inaugurated the day before yesterday, Sunday.

Arab Travel Market

This step sparked great anger among activists on communication sites against the rulers of the Emirates, and exposed their contradictions and their claim to support the Palestinian cause.

The exhibition’s activities began on Sunday, with the participation of regional and international specialists in the field of travel and tourism at the Dubai World Trade Center.

A picture showed a wing of the Israeli occupation in the Arab travel market, despite the aggression it is waging on the entire Palestinian territories in the West Bank, Gaza and the occupied territories in 1948.

Activists have previously circulated a video clip documenting part of the Eid sermon, inside the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in the UAE, by the mosque preacher, Abdul Rahman Saeed Al Shamsi, in which he calls on God to support Al-Aqsa and the Palestinians.

The preacher of the Sheikh Zayed Abdulrahman Al-Shamsi Mosque appeared on the pulpit and prayed with what he said: (Oh God, we begin our supplication with your praise and thanks, and prayers for the best of your servants, Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace and all his family and companions, God protect the Al-Aqsa Mosque and its Prime Time Zone from all evil.)

Al-Shamsi continued his supplication to the Palestinians: (Oh God, be with our Prime Time Zone in Palestine, Lord of the worlds, O respondent to supplication, is he not the one who says, Glory be to Him, pray to me, I will answer you?)

Mohammed bin Zayed and his brothers all raised their hands and believed in the prayer of Al-Khatib for the victory of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

This clip caused sharp criticism of the rulers of the Emirates by activists who denounced the blatant contradiction in their positions.

Whereas, Mohammed bin Zayed, who appeared believing in the prayer of Al-Aqsa’s victory, was the same who concluded the despicable normalization agreement with the usurping entity last September.

The UAE has become a refuge and refuge for Israelis to relax and have fun in its hotels.

The UAE concluded many economic deals with the occupying entity, and the usurped products of Israel from the occupied lands began to flood their markets under the phrase (Made in Israel).

Israel makes gold and Dubai sells it

Although the year 2020 witnessed 4 Arab countries heading to normalization with Israel (the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco), the UAE was the fastest in implementing partnership, economic and commercial integration deals with Israel.

The last of these agreements was what Reuters and various media outlets indicated a few days ago, that the DGCX opened the way for Israelis to register their companies in it and enter their trading platforms.

According to Reuters, the Dubai Stock Exchange announced that “the way is open to launch its products and services, such as futures and options that cover the precious metals, energy, commodities and currency sectors, in Israel with its expansion in derivatives trading in the Middle East.”

Following the announcement of the full normalization of relations between the UAE and Israel in September 2020, Reuters reported that one of the largest Israeli diamond dealers, Zvi Shimsey, had traveled in October 2020 to the UAE to establish his diamond trade company.

The man used to go to the Emirates with a German passport, but this time he went to establish his company with his Israeli passport.

For further clarification, options contracts are contracts between two parties that give their purchaser the right, not the obligation, to buy or sell a certain quantity of shares or a certain commodity at a specific execution price during the period of validity of the contract.

The buyer of the option pays for receiving this right a certain amount, called the price of the option, which is a small amount of the share price, or the commodity price.

Emirati-Israeli relations

Some believe that the undeclared Emirati-Israeli relations had started before that, as they consider that the acceptance of the UAE’s membership in the World Federation of Diamond Bourses in 2004, with the approval of 22 countries and without Israeli objection, was the real start in an important field of trade, which has its big investors.

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Rather, this step was the beginning of the presence of Israeli merchants to the Dubai markets in the field of gold, diamonds, jewelry, and other fields.

The bombing of Gaza exposes the typists

The “Financial Times” newspaper published a report saying that the Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip has shaken the rapprochement between Arab countries and Israel.

The report added that almost a third of the Arab countries have relations with the Jewish state, but the violence showed that these relations are not important in resolving the conflict, and that they did not give Arab countries a leverage to put pressure on Israel.

When the UAE shocked the Arab world and normalized its relations with the Jewish state, it said that the move was in order to help solve the intractable Arab-Israeli conflict. Nine months later, the wealthy Gulf state found itself in a difficult position watching its new ally bomb the impoverished Gaza Strip.

Abraham Agreements

The newspaper comments by saying that the bloodshed this week did not give the Arab countries that signed agreements with Israel, especially last year, within the so-called “Abraham Agreements”, any influence, and the relations did nothing to alleviate the main reason behind this intractable problem.

“It is clear that they (the Emiratis) are in a difficult situation, on the one hand, the UAE’s relations with Israel are long and strategic and must not budge,” said Cinzia Bianco, a fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations. At the same time, the UAE claimed that the Abraham accords would give it leverage to support the Palestinians and curb Israeli aggression against them.

Until this time, Israel had rejected foreign attempts to stop the raids and bombardments of Gaza, but Bianco believes that Abu Dhabi can use its influence and push Israel to limit its operations. However, this intervention may affect the progress of strategic projects important to the UAE. Among the proposed projects is a joint program to produce a drone counter system.

A shift from the well-known Arab position

The Emirati normalization was followed by other relations between Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco with Israel, which is a shift from the well-known Arab position on the Hebrew state.

The Arab position before the recent agreements was that recognition would be a consequence of a just settlement with the Palestinians leading to the establishment of a Palestinian state.

The agreements that were dominated by commercial and reciprocal character and sponsored by the Donald Trump administration, which did not hide its full support for Israel, caused the Palestinians to feel betrayed and isolated.

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