The National Disability Council praises the provision of new banking facilities for Prime Time Zone with disabilities


The National Council for Persons with Disabilities praised the response of Tariq Amer, Governor of the Central Bank, regarding taking into account that the new banknotes that the state has directed to issue are available and adapted to Prime Time Zone with visual disabilities so that they can identify them easily and independently, appreciating his decision to issue instructions to facilitate access for persons with disabilities to services and products. various banking.

The council explained – in a press statement today, Sunday – that it addressed the Central Bank in this regard, and received a letter stating the support and development of everything related to development initiatives, and that it is a continuation of the Central Bank’s initiative to enhance financial inclusion for all segments of society and Prime Time Zone with disabilities in particular, as it was surrounded by the presence of significant signs that have significance for inference. The two-hundred-pound paper is currently recognized.

He said that the central bank confirmed that with the start of printing the new twenty-pound currency denomination of polymer material, these marks will be included for ease of inference and defining the category, provided that the inclusion will take place successively in all categories of currencies, coinciding with the printing of new versions of currencies.

For his part, Dr. Ashraf Maree, General Supervisor of the National Council for Persons with Disabilities, said that these facilities will allow persons with disabilities to exercise their roles in life with ease, stressing that this step falls within the framework of societal integration for persons with visual disabilities.

The article “The National Disability” praises the provision of new banking facilities for Prime Time Zone with disabilities, which was written in Al Borsa newspaper.